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‘SEVENTEEN’ Breaks Record With Their 4th Album – Biggest Debut for a K-pop

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Pre-orders for SEVENTEEN’s fourth studio album,

“Face the Sun,” which will be released on May 27, surpassed 2 million copies on May 20. A week before their reappearance, SEVENTEEN broke their record once more. The group expected an early ‘Career High’ after the pre-order volume of ‘Face the Sun’ hit 1.74 million copies within a week of pre-order.

Furthermore, with the pre-order number of 2 million copies exceeded,

more attention is focused on the new record streak that SEVENTEEN will write with their fourth regular album, ‘Face the Sun.’ With ‘Face the Sun,’ SEVENTEEN, who has been reincarnated as the most ‘HOT’ artist in the K-pop industry around the world by booking a million-seller for six years in a row, has acquired the title of ‘Double Million Seller (more than 2 million copies sold).’ The question of whether or not it will be possible to take it has piqued interest.

The 4th full-length album, ‘Face the Sun,’ has ‘Darl+ing,’ which was published last month, and the title song, as well as ‘HOT,’ ‘DON QUIXOTE,’ ‘March,’ ‘Domino,’ ‘Shadow, ‘Sing me, ‘IF you leave me,’ and ‘Ash,’ for a total of 9 tracks.

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The title track, ‘HOT,’ is a song that blends hip-hop with a western guitar vibe.

It portrays SEVENTEEN’s distinct heavy and passionate personality, as well as a strong desire to one day, become ‘The Sun.’ It’s a song that vividly portrays the image of SEVENTEEN valiantly forging ahead in the face of the hot heat.

Meanwhile, on May 28th, SEVENTEEN will perform a return show in support of their fourth regular album, ‘Face the Sun,’ at 7 p.m. KST (3:30 p.m. IST). The Hive Labels YouTube channel, Naver Now, and Line Music will stream the comeback show live throughout the world.

Fans are anxiously anticipating additional milestones to be smashed now that pre-order sales for SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun have surpassed 2 million copies.

Did you know that SEVENTEEN is the top artist in K-pop right now after booking a million-seller for not one, but six years in a row? With their fourth straight album, Face the Sun, the group also earned the distinction of Double Million Seller (after selling 2 million copies). The CD contains the group’s aim to become the world’s most influential sun.

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