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An insight into the upcoming film on Watergate scandal: Gaslit

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What is the series Gaslit all about?


Gaslit is an upcoming American political thriller limited television series based on a political thriller. Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp, and Aleksandar Filimonović are appearing in this series. The series is based on the Watergate scandal. It was one of the major political scandals in the United States. The administration of the U.S. This involves President Richard Nixon. It tells the untold stories of the case and Richard Nixon. The story is based on Martha Mitchell who is a celebrity Arkansan socialite and the wife of Nixon’s loyal Attorney General, John N. Mitchell.

The role of Martha in detail 

Martha is the person who is publicly revealing the personal and presidential life of Nixon. The Attorney General is first to choose between Martha and the president. Hollywood seems to be moving through a wave of films on related topics. They are showing strong roles and commentaries on the America of the 70s. In the series, Martha is shown as a person who likes to go on TV shows to show her opinions on different fields like politics and others. Films of these kinds give us a picture of all the aspects including the negative and positive of a public figure. Many other films have depicted the same issue. They are showing the various point of view of the Watergate scandal.

Further into the story

As seen earlier also, almost no series showed other involved culprits rather than the main character. But Gaslit is a brief story about all of them. The year shown is 1972 when Nixon is getting ready for re-election. The situation across the country is tense although he is winning by a good margin. By now, the anti-war protests have persisted. One of the issues responsible for splitting the country from the middle is the Vietnam War. The Nixon regime decides to execute an operation to keep an eye over the democrats. This was the Operation Gemstone. This was a series of illegal acts proposed by G. Gordon Liddy. All this is done because of the arrogance of the administration and also ignorance up to a certain extent.

How did they do that?

Inside the Watergate building, they installed bugs and transmitters in their telephone. headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Someone tells a junior counsel inside the White House, John Dean (Dan Stevens) that he has a chance to shine in the eyes of the President. This can happen if he can create illegal operations of snooping on his fellow politicians. Then he introduces an FBI operative, Gordon Liddy who is an FBI operative to John Mitchell. Then the story goes on further.

At the end of the story 

The film has multiple turns where the roles of different characters are explained. In this era where there are no facts in existence but only opinions floating in the air, this is an informative and timely movie.


1. What does the name of the movie suggest?

Sure, “gaslight,” as a verb, has its origins in the 1944 film, all about a woman whose husband, insistent on his falsehoods, leads her to question her sanity. But its contemporary usage, as a slang term with a meaning that has drifted closer to simply “lying,” might not be how a woman in the 1970s would understand a case of marital dishonesty.

2. Who is Martha Mitchell?

Martha Mitchell, the character Julia Roberts plays here, doesn’t have a keen understanding of just what she’s up against. Martha, the real-life wife of Richard Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, is depicted by Roberts as at once puckishly witty and as not immune to dramatizing her already dramatic circumstances.


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