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Kanye West Announced He has NOT PICKED Up His Kids For 4 Weeks. And Says It’s important For Him To Be At Least 1000 Miles Away

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Kanye ‘Ye’ West rapped about how he ‘ain’t come to pick up the kids to pick a fight and that the family is at risk when ‘daddy’ isn’t there during his appearances on Pusha-new T’s ‘It’s Almost Dry’ album.

“I used to watch The Fresh Prince and wish the house would be mine / Could be bought it, but I ain’t like the way the kitchen design,” Kanye “Ye” West raps at the end of Pusha-new T’s album, It’s Almost Dry. The lyrics on this single, like most of Yes recent songs, have a familial twist to them. According to Genius, he raps, “Born in the manger, the son of a stranger.” “The family is in danger when daddy isn’t home (and my heart was racing).”

Kanye West, 44, reappears later in the album on “Rock N Roll,” a song that features the rumored final collaboration between Ye and his now-former BFF, Kid Cudi. “I showed up, then you showed up, and I believed I could shift the tides / How did I go through the Chi’, get to you, and almost die?” raps Ye, according to Genius. “Finally tired of coming and going, make a decision /I ain’t come to pick up the kids to pick a fight.”

Ye received some controversy in 2022 after his duet with The Game, “Eazy.” In the lyrics, Ye vowed to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” a reference to Kim Kardashian’s new beau. In the two music videos for the song, Ye took another shot at Pete, 28. In the stop-motion rendition, a figure resembling Pete is buried up to his head and surrounded by roses. In the end, Ye added, “EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER / EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO / JK HE’S FINE.” The skinless monkey from the single’s contentious artwork assaults “Skete” in the second video.

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While West began the year with a flurry of social media messages criticizing Kim, 41, and her new romance, he has been relatively quiet in the weeks since being banned from Instagram for 24 hours. After a racially inflammatory attack on Trevor Noah, the Yes account was suspended. West reportedly pulled out of playing at the 2022 Grammy Awards, walked away from headlining Coachella, and stepped away from the spotlight as a result of this. According to Page Six, Ye has assured his ex-wife that he will “not make any public appearances or incendiary social media posts” until he feels “better.”

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(Shutterstock/Jonathan Hordle) It’s Almost Dry’s performances may not accurately represent Yes current situation. Kid Cudi, 38, made it plain that, despite their appearance on “Rock N Roll,” he and Ye are no longer friends. “I know some of you heard about the song I got [with] Pusha,” says the rapper. This song was recorded a year ago, while I was still friends with Kanye. He tweeted, “I am not cool [with] that man.” “He isn’t one of my friends.” Because Kid is buddies with Pete Davidson, Cudi and West had a falling out.

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