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‘Golden Girls’ shows little age at inaugural fan convention – The Association

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Fan conventions are usually inspired by sci-fi or comic book shows, not a sitcom about four women of a particular age living together in Florida. Hillary Wasicek, 37, and Melissa Gluck, 43, took the inaugural “The Golden Girls” conference at Chicago’s Navy Pier very seriously this weekend. Both women, who traveled here from California, spent Friday dressed as Dorothy and Blanche in elaborate cosplay. Because of its themes of friends becoming family and inclusion, the series has always maintained a special place in their hearts. Dressing up in wigs and all, as they did previously on a “Golden Girls” cruise, only adds to the fun of the gathering.

“It’s a lighthearted way of expressing admiration and respect for whatever you admire.” It simply helps you feel more involved “Wasicek plans to dress up in a different costume every day. “We met a lot of folks and heard a lot of stories. It’s as though they’re saying, ‘These are my people.

‘” Meeting other “Golden Girls” fans, according to Gluck, gives her a “better appreciation of the show itself.” Now I’ve enlisted the help of my kid and hubby.”

Thank You For Being a Fan, a Golden-Con event that runs through Sunday, is bringing together fans of the NBC sitcom. It is predicted that almost 2,000 people would attend. The play starred Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Betty White, the last remaining “Golden Girl” who died in December at the age of 99. It was praised for depicting its characters, who shared a Miami home, coping with themes such as ageism, sex, and LGBTQ rights later in life.

Bonnie Bartlett, noted for her appearances on “St. Elsewhere” and “Boy Meets World,” is one of the guests (both alongside her husband, actor William Daniels). She is well known for portraying Dorothy’s obnoxious new buddy in a third-season episode. The 92-year-old two-time Emmy winner, on the other hand, did not dismiss the concept of a fan convention. “I was following after Betty Grable and other celebrities,” Bartlett explained. “When I was younger, I was a huge fan. As a result, I understand. My husband has no idea what I’m talking about, but I do.”

Stan Zimmerman, a TV producer who worked on the first season as a second writer, could never have anticipated socializing with fans over 40 years later. He isn’t taking anything for granted because he works in an industry where fame is fleeting. “So I’ve seen the popularity trajectory, but nothing like what’s going on right now,” Zimmerman added. “It’s so great to see young folks who were not even born when we wrote it remember every line,” says the author.

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This “Golden Girls” feast was originally planned as a quiz night at a bar. Back in November, Zack Hudson, a “hard-core fan” who works in social services for seniors, asked Brad Balof, a friend and fellow fan, about hosting an event. They eventually decided to book a community center, but interest from outside the state and even the United States grew. “All we did was make one social media announcement,” Hudson explained. “From there, it just kind of escalated.” As a result, we shifted our focus to accommodate as many people as possible. And now we’ve arrived.”

Brad Balof remarked, “This is a chance to pay that much (attention) to a show that people loved and actresses who made it sparkle.” “One thing that helps the show stay ageless is that there’s enough humor that isn’t dependent on a certain scenario, be it political or geographical… It’s just a joke.”

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