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Moon Knight Episode 5 revealed! CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW

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The story we learned till now


In the end of the episode 4, we saw that while Marc Spector was in control of the body. Arthur Harrow shot him twice after he would find the stone figure of Ahmed that the other gods had trapped her in 2000 years ago. It’s the same type of stone figure that we just saw Khonshu got trapped in by the other gods. They also revealed that there were many other gods from the Pantheon who got trapped inside the great pyramid. There is a lot of new footage inside that great pyramid area that we saw in episode 3. It seems like it’s connected to Ahmed in the coming back of Khonshu.

Powers with colour codes

Anytime you see the giant purple smoke or purple power anywhere, it looks like Agatha Harkness’ power. In the context of moon night it’s amidst power. Most of the times in Marvel productions like Marvel phase 4 movies, Disney plus shows, try to colour code things. Like when people are using different types of powers, they use different colours. They denote where they are getting their power from.There are different types of powers like chaos magic is red, Loki’s magic is green because it uses a different type of magic and so on.

The story going on

But during the episode 4, there were some really big twists. In the story, we found that Alexander, the great of the music was Amit’s former avatar. During that period, he was the one who rebelled against her. He was the pharaoh at that time. So, he acquired known world using his power. They want to imply that he was able to be so great and do all great things because he was the avatar of one of the Gods. He had a godly power.

But apparently at the end of his lifespan, after he conquered most of the known world, he learns about Amit plan for the rest of the MCU dimension. Then, he rebelled against her. But because there is a brand new footage of Arthur Harrow inside the great pyramid of giant with all this purple power billowing everywhere. It seems like that place is connected to her coming back and we’ll see some of them happen during episode 5.

Will Khonshu be free again?

The minute his body spelled into water, author Harry probably reached out and grabbed the figurine of Ahmed. He started continuing to try and bring her back to release her from that stone figure. There is some figure of them flying at each other and their powers getting activated. He is in the moon knight costume and Arthur Harrow using his power of omit. There having more traditional superhero battle.

All this implies that at some point of time, Khonshu will be free again or will find work around that allows him to use his power. May be he would have cut off from his powers as he was trapped in the stone figure. The story goes on further by showing connections with the earlier and new things.


1. What will be the story thus time?

At first glance, it looks like we are encountering Moon Knight via one of his numerous guises and that this particular one is the least threatening. Steven Grant, who juggles a Rubix Cube while attempting to fall asleep, works as a museum shop assistant who must lock various doors and tie his legs to sleep peacefully.

2. What is the estimated run time of the show?

Each Disney+ show in total brings anywhere from five to six hours of new content to the MCU, meaning that Episodes 5 and 6 should be in the same range as their predecessors in terms of runtime.

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