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A loving family or a SPY FAMILY? Read to find out

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Tatsuya Endo’s Spy Family (stylized as SPY FAMILY; pronounced “Spy Family”) is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by him. The plot revolves around a spy who is forced to “create a family” to complete a task, not understanding that the girl he adopts as he is a telepath, and the woman he accepts to marry is an assassin. Since March 2019, the series has been published fortnightly on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump program and website, with the chapters compiled in nine tank volumes by April 2022. Viz Media licensed it in North America.


Wit Studio and Clover Works’ anime television series adaption premiered on TV Tokyo and its affiliate channels in April 2022 and was licensed by Muse Communication in Asia and Crunchy roll globally. The series has sold over 21 million copies as of May 2022.

To keep the competing countries of Westalis and Ostania at peace, a Westphalian agent code-named “Twilight” is charged with spying on Donovan Desmond, head of the National Unity Party within Ostania. However, because Desmond is famously reclusive, Twilight may only approach him by enrolling a child in the same private school as Desmond’s boys and posing as a fellow parent.


To do this and provide the impression of a happy family, he adopts a little orphan daughter named Anya and marries a lady named Yor Briar. However, he has no idea that Anya can read minds and that Yor is a skilled assassin. Loid and Yor are unaware of each other’s actual identities, nor is Anya aware of their genuine vocations. Later, the family adopts Bond, a dog with precognitive talents. Despite these unknown elements and Twilight’s sometimes lack of common sense as a result of years as a spy, he must learn to be the perfect father and spouse to complete his job.YOR

The first draught was given the working title Spy Family in Japanese. Endo came up with around 100 alternatives for the final name, but they eventually opted to use the same title but in English and with a “cross” in between, the latter influenced by Hunter Hunter. Lin stated that he and Endo are always cognizant of the line where violence, which is important in a spy manga, is given a pass for comedy. With Tista and Gekka Bijin both having a somber tone, the editor instructed Endo to make Spy Family more upbeat. Anya was inspired by the protagonist of “Rengoku no Ashe.” Her extrasensory awareness was determined early on, and Lin described it as one of the series’ strengths. According to Lin, the series has a diverse readership of all ages and genders. Endo’s clear art and ability to portray emotions were also mentioned as factors in the manga’s success.

Lin believes that by volume two, the setting and characters were well developed. As a result, he indicated that he and Endo will begin including larger plots in the series.

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