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Season 4 Plot Revealed About Danmachi, What Is Danmachi and What Can We Expect From It?

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The Dungeon, or DanMachi as it is most generally known, The show currently has three seasons available, with the fourth season in the works and expected to be published on Crunchy roll in 2022.

The animation is based on a light novel written by Fujino Omori. Hideki Tachibana directs the animation production, which is handled by J.C.Staff. The light novel has 17 volumes and was released on January 15th, 2013, while the manga has 12 volumes. The manga was released on August 2, 2013.



Danmachi Season 3 had a massive rework in practically every element imaginable, including the characters, soundtrack, and plot. It was far preferable to season 2, which went a fairly dull and unappealing road. The plot revolves around Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old adventurer who works for the goddess Hestia. In Season 3, Bell is exploring the dungeons when he comes upon a creature that he saves. This comes as no surprise given what he’s done in past seasons. The monster girl has a hazy memory of her past. She has sentiments as well as a sharp mind. This was not seen in earlier seasons, as the monsters were portrayed as mindless, bloodthirsty antagonists that Bell brutally slaughtered to acquire power. Bell was portrayed as a white knight in shining armor. In the third season, we experience an intriguing story twist and realize that the monsters can think and have a heart.

Season 3

Bell must suppress his temptation to murder creatures with impunity, even going to the aid of other adventurers and monsters to put an end to their competition and animosity for one another. the tragedy has buried bell’s name before the locals and everyone else. Their once-loved hero has vanished into thin air.

Season 3’s character growth is very remarkable. We get to see the introduction of Xenos (the talking monsters) and bell progressively evolving to the point where bell evolves into a genuine hero, rather than just fighting every episode. Bell undergoes a rebirth tied to his previous worries (without giving away the plot for those who haven’t yet seen it) and then gradually advances throughout the episodes to become the hero he intended to be. Season 3 concluded with an exciting finish, leaving plenty of potentials for season 4 to continue the tale.


The narrative of Danmachi season 4 has not been announced; nevertheless, the official teaser has been released, providing a glimpse of what is to come in season 4. The teaser trailer shows bell’s earlier escapades as well as how he steadily matures into a better warrior and more mature guy than he was in season 1.

Season 4

After losing a grueling battle against asterius in the season 3 finales, ais is back with ais to continue his training to become more vigorous, and maybe we’ll be able to see him make adjustments and reach his goals in the season 4.


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