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Seraph Of The End Chapter 115 is Finally Available and We MUST READ

Must read

After the previous chapter of Seraph Of The End, finally, the author is back with chapter 115. Is Chapter 115 as the big hype is building up through time among the fans? Is this chapter worth the wait? What is going to be the story? Where can you find it? Well, you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, you will find all the answers related to Seraph Of The End Chapter 115. Seraph of the End has stood out to be one of the biggest anime of its time. The viewers were immensely impressed with the storyline it has delivered throughout the time and mentioned the part that it has reviewed over a great response from the audience.

Seraph Of The End

Release date:

Seraph of the End Chapter 115 has been the most awaited chapter for all the readers. It was released recently on 2nd June 2022. But it was also mentioned that the time of the release may vary depending on the different geographical locations. Therefore, there are high chances that the spoilers of this new chapter will be available to some, even a few days before the scheduled release date. It will be made available for readers on Viz media.

Looking at this month’s dose of fun, action, and drama it seems that the wait was worth the effort. After months finally, the fans have been delivered a proper action-packed outing from Takaya Kagami.

In the previous chapter, we had witnessed that Mika had agreed to drop the idea of resurrection altogether. But then, Yu had decided that even if no one else, he single-handedly, was going to take a stand for his friend.


Thus, here is all you need to know about this month’s outing. This month’s edition of Seraph of the End shows that it fights with friends and not foes. It was seen that a long debate went on about the resurrection process. But it is beginning to look as if only a fight can dissolve all conflicts now. Now Seraph Of The End is evolving more and more with twists and turns and more stories to deliver at the time. Therefore, the makers are now keen on hitting the big milestone of making the most number of copies at this time around. This time the story became more interesting as Saito doesn’t trust the First. Although they did a talk he wasn’t ready to work with him. It was also portrayed throughout the time as to how the price of resurrection has been in talks. It was shown to be the seven sinful keys along with the lives of every single vampire.  The next chapter of the story will begin from this same point and would be heading through a suspense-packed story to give the fans what they want.

The readers are also eagerly looking forward to covering more storyline at the time as it was shown over in the previous episode as to how the squad was making their way and kept on exploring.  On the other hand, it also portrayed how Saito has been putting discussions through with Shikama Doji for the main purpose of resurrecting his son, Mikaela.

Seraph Of The End


You can also watch a reaction video related to this, which will give you a more clear idea about this chapter.


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