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Skeleton Knight Isekai, the new Isekai series by Hajime Isayama.

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Skeleton Knight in Another World is a Japanese light book series written and drawn by Enki Hakari. It was eventually bought by Overlap, which has published eleven volumes under the Overlap Novels banner since June 2015. Since February 2017, a manga adaptation with art by Akira Sawano has been published online on Overlap’s Comic Gardo website and has been compiled in 10 tank volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the light novel and manga in North America. In April 2022, Studio Kai and Hornets aired an anime television series adaptation.
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The plot revolves around a gamer who played till he fell asleep. When he awoke, he found himself in the gaming world as a skeleton!

Arc must find a place for himself in this strange new realm, armed with formidable weapons and armor like his avatar but with a horrific skeletal aspect. All of his plans for a calm existence are destroyed when he meets a gorgeous elf warrior, who leads him on a voyage full of strife and excitement.

As soon as the first episode of this anime aired, it garnered a lot of great feedback from fans. Let’s take a look at the elements that will make Skeleton Knight on the Journey to Another World a worthwhile anime to watch in the spring of 2022!

The Isekai anime craze

This is the Skeleton Knight’s first advantage on the Journey to Another World. The trend of generating isekai anime has flourished with great success in the last two years. Since Jobless Reincarnation, there have been several isekai anime adaptations that have given the public a fresh perspective.

The Skeleton Knight On A Journey To Another World is also an isekai narrative with genre elements. The first is the main character with immense strength, the Bone Knight, who showed to be dominant in the first episode with the force of a knight with fabled power.

Funny material, straightforward narrative

This is what allows a newcomer, such as the Skeleton Knight in Journey to Another World, to gain a huge audience. This anime’s material is highly amusing; there are numerous sequences of the gamer’s internal monologue while lost in the medieval world that made many fans laugh and weep.

Funny Material

The narrative of the Bone Knight and his mission to find the new world he became trapped in will be told not just in episode 1, but throughout the anime. A straightforward narrative that will appeal to the great majority of people.

Beautiful female protagonists

Aside from the comedic aspect and a super-strong main character guy, Bone Knight on the Road to Another World offers an excellent waifu ensemble. The appearance of Lauren and Rita, as well as other amazing waifu in this anime, will undoubtedly delight viewers.

In addition to the stunning fighting sequences, the directors skillfully placed several “sensitive” situations for these females in the episodes, increasing the appeal of the anime Knight of Bones on the Road. Visit Another World.

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