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{{Xur}} Location has been revealed. We found out what exotic locale his next stops will be this weekend.

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What is the Destiny 2 all about?

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Bungie developed this game. It is a free-to-play game. Originally, it was released as a pay-to-play game in 2017. It was for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Later in October 2019, it became free to play. This game is based on searching for the location of a character Xur. The location keeps on changing and the players need to find it.

Destination for this week 

The destination for Destiny 2 is fixed. This is the return of Xur. He is the snake-faced salesman of exotic, legendary weapons and armor. Xur’s inventory is finally functioning as advertised and this happened after spending a lot of time in bug infestation. The Trials of Osiris, the week is promethtop competitive multi-player challenge is back this weekend. So, grab something great for yourself to take it.

How to reach Xur’s location?

You need to head to the Winding Cove area of the EDZ to find Xur this week. The weapon of the week is Prometheus Lens. The Bombardier’s leg armor can be taken up by hunters; Titans can take the Armamentarium chest armor, and Xur has the Getaway Artist gauntlets for Warlocks. This week, the Xur’s armor is fixed finally. This means that you’ll get the same Exotics and Legendary gear he advertises.

What’s the new location of Xur this weekend? Check out all the details!

This week, you have to move to the Winding Cove transmat zone in the EDZ to search for Xur. You can use your sparrow to move in the North direction. Take the destroyed overpass on the left side of the area. Look for a cave set in the wall when you bend. This will allow you to climb up above the top of the cliff. There Xur waits beside a Fallen dropship.

The mystery places of Xur 

Beginning with the daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, Xur is present every week on each Friday. The location where he is will be always a mystery for all. There is no clue about him on the map. Novice players can easily miss him. Tower Hangar area, on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave, and the Winding Cove area of the EDZ are some of the spots where Xur takes up his residence.

Weapons of this week 

Is there is offering Prometheus lens this week? Guitar finds race rifles like balls everything at its hits. A beam creates a heat field wherever it lands. The field becomes bigger, the longer you fire it. Dad of absorbent as well that Xur advertises. You can take them if you don’t prefer these. There is an exotic engram that is specific to the character class buying it. So if you’re going to get a new Titan helmet, don’t buy the engram with your Warlock. He also has the new Xenology Quest, which rewards an Exotic Cipher you can use to purchase Exotics from either Xur or the Tower’s Monument to Lost Lights. The game goes on similarly with a lot of adventures and new searches every time.


1. What weapons are there with Xur?

Each week, Xûr has a random assortment of Exotic armor, one for each Guardian class, as well as a random Exotic Weapon and an Exotic Engram available for purchase.

2. Where Is Xûr Today?

Xûr’s location can be found at Winding Cove in the EDZ from April 23 through April 26. To reach him, travel to the landing point at Winding Cove. When you arrive, make for the rock cliffs at the far end of the cove and look for a cave winding up to a platform next to some Fallen. There you’ll find the freakish salesman we all adore.

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