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ATTACK ON TITAN THE FINAL SEASON Episode 2 – Eren Hits Baby As Eren

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After so much of waiting finally the attack on titan has released its final episode I mean the final episode for the part before which is going to come in 2023, first of all, let’s go over what happened in the final episode. The story is in the manga and let’s talk about how far our favorite characters have come in the story.

Eren and his humanity, attack on titan


When it got announced that the season 4 is the last season of attack on titan and it would be comparatively a short run, various fans wondered how the people of the story are going to manage all the details and story beats from isayam’s manga in such a short period, but just as we thought about it they got us back into in the point with familiar bait and switched confirming that there will be a third part of the show which is probably coming in 2023 which will also mark the 10th anniversary of the attack on titans, yes you read it right it is going to be 10th anniversary of the attack on titans but we are also with an information that there is also going to a part 4.

Eren and his humanity, attack on titan


Let’s get into the episode of our all-time favorite Eren Jaeger before he fell into full Heisenberg levels of villainy overall the episode is a reflective look at the journey the main characters have gone through and the steps Mikasa and ko have taken before they embark on their final conflict against Eren’s founding titan to stop the rumbling, which is, of course, a reference to a cataclysmic event that threatens life on the Earth. At the end of the episode, we see that Eren was genuinely worried and upset about Sasha’s death as she wanted nothing but only a long and happy life for all of her friends which you know is upsetting, then out of nowhere, there’s a sudden change in the emotions of the story as it becomes a dreadful end, at sea fleet of ships they tried and prevented the chaos doing the best they can to repel the Eren’s army of wall titans however their all efforts went in vain aa they were all wiped out in really distressing ways as the ship’s crew got boiled alive because of the steams from the titan that was underneath them were incredibly hot.

Eren and his humanity, attack on titan


We can imagine that Eren’s war against humanity will continue to be waged as we follow the path to one big climactic showdown with a bunch of people dying horrifically along the way I mean this is an attack on titan after all meanwhile any hope at redemption or way back for Eren has sadly fallen by the wayside and the fallen sun is seemingly lost in the darkness but how much time will the anime get to wrap it all up and when can be seeing it on our screens we can quietly revel in the fact that there will be some more attack on titan to come whenever that maybe now let’s end on some trivia, shall we? Apparently, Hajime isayama got the idea for the titans on the attack on titan when we encountered a drunk customer at a coffee shop that he worked in and was inspired by the inability to communicate with his assailant and realized the most dangerous

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