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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez BATTLE Pornography During Easter Feast!

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are on a different mission on Easter weekend 


On the day of Easter when people light up candles, bells ring in the churches and kids are in search of colored plastic eggs. But American actor Ben Affleck and well-known American singer Jennifer Lopez were on a different missions. They found the weekend the aptest time to continue their house hunt. They were seen checking out houses and properties in different regions. Both of them checked Bel Air, a site that was under construction. There are barely any houses in that place. Still, they did a thorough check of that place before going back. On Saturday, they went to Brentwood. There, they had a look at the views from the upper floor of the building. But they weren’t satisfied with it.

The closure of the deal in Bel Air 

The search was about to get over as they had decided to shift to their new home in Bel Air at $55 million. They had signed the deal as well. But unfortunately, the deal collapsed. Most probably, they might not like something about the dealer. They have examined Bev Hills and Holmby Hills very thoroughly. The mansions are very spacious with huge compounds. The ex-wife of Mr. Chow owns one of them and Mohammed Hadid designed the next one. But it seems that they are not convinced enough with them. They have been engaged recently. So they want to be very sure whether the abode is right for their children or not.

Why so hurry to take up the house?

It might be that they want to take the house as soon as possible because of their marriage. They may want to close up this house hunt fast. They came across a lot of luxury homes but are yet on their prowl for their home sweet home.

Relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 

From 2002 to 2004, Ben dated Jennifer Lopez. Both later broke up. Jennifer described the reason as Ben’s hesitancy and discomfort to face the media. Lopez called this her first heartbreak later on. Affleck considered media content as based on classism, sexism, and racism. Though they remained in contact and spoke in public. Jennifer and Ben had been dating many people during this journey. She was going to get married to dancer, Casper Smart in 2021. But their wedding kept on postponed due to COVID-19. Again in 2021, both Jennifer and Ben started dating. This will be the fourth marriage for both Lopez and Affleck.


1. Did Jennifer and Ben check out some houses?

Lopez and her beau have visited quite a few properties in recent days, including a $43 million home in Bel Air where Kylie Jenner also owns the property.

2. Are they going to get married?

Earlier this month the pair announced that they were engaged for the second time though both seem optimistic that this engagement will end in marriage rather than a breakup.

3. Why did they cancel the deal of purchasing the mansion in Bel Air?

They walked away from their wound be $55 million purchase — which they apparently felt wasn’t right for them after entering escrow.

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