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Is Teroto saved? Watch episode 10 of Build divide: Code white

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Episode 10 of Build Divide: Code White might feature Hiyoko. He was trying to save her master with an episodic event. Will she be successful?  You have to find that out in ep 10 of Build Divide: Code White

If you are wondering about that question and cannot wait until the next episode of Build Divide: Code White, then you have arrived at the correct place. This article includes the details regarding the release date and time of the Build Divide: Code White ep 10, as well as the information on where you can watch it. Also with that, it gives you a recap of the previous episode and what can one expect in the upcoming episode 11.

Release Date and time:

Episode 10 of Build Divide: Code White is scheduled to get released on 12th June 2022, Sunday at 00:30 hrs JST (Japanese Standard Time). You just cannot miss this episode as Hiyoko might have her moment to shine.


Recap of episode 9:

Build Divide: Code White Episode 9 was titled “Live in the Now, Now, Now!”. That episode was all about Kikka and Naomitsu getting over their past and moving forward. Both of them saw themselves in an illusion, and both of them got easily overwhelmed by them. In the previous episodes, we saw that Naomitsu was an experiment, and due to this, his clones were tormenting him for leaving them alone and pursuing a selfish goal. He could not get over this. He needed to accept himself and the past. Furthermore, a mysterious figure guided him, and he told him about the first sunset he saw when he left the facility. He then managed to defeat his illusions when he chose the first-ever card he had. Whereas, Kikka had the same development as well. She told her illusion that she may have been selfish in the past, but now she has accepted it. All credits to Hiyoko that now she might be able to move forwards.

What can you expect from Episode 10?

The title of the Build Divide: Code White Episode 10 is released as the “Choice”. Thus, looking at the title one can expect that it’s going to prove a tough choice for Hiyoko to save Teruto. The 10th episode is most likely to feature the battle between Hiyoko and Teruto. Since Kikka and Naomituse have fought their past and their resolve is clear, there is a chance that they might join the battle. However, we also came across the sign of some pursuer, so someone might be following these two.

Now the big question is who could it be? Is this person a friend or an enemy? Will Hiyoko alone be able to fight Teruto and save him? Well, these questions will be answered in the Build Divide: Code White Ep 10. Fortunately, the episode is set to be released very soon.

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