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Kashimo Drama with Wonderlands CONTINUES! Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 187

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Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the Japanese manga series written by the writer Gege Akutami and has been serialized since March 2018and has published nineteen tankobon volumes by the year 2022. The story is basically about a school student Yuji Itadori who joins a secret organization, there are various twists and turns in all the chapters yet made. There are many more characters in the story including Masamichi Yaga, Satoru Gojo, Akari Nitta, etc. but the story mostly revolves around our main character Yuji.



Hakari jumped into a fight by punching hard at Kashima, he slammed him on a container. After fighting for a while they were introduced by a small introduction in the story about themselves, Kashimo was introduced as a person having added a hundred points. Hakari made fun of him by asking him to lend some of his points to him if he wins the fight. Kashima was straight and clear he wanted to know about Sukuna and in repay he said to Hakari he can do whatever he wants.

Charles noted that it is possible to defeat Hakari before he hits jackpot before he gets into that immortality stage similar to Hikidum’s deadly sentencing. Hakarui’s death relies on a binding vow with an explanation of the rules. Hikaru’s rules are the works of an actual court trial and there’s no violence allowed inside. Hakari’s rules are the work of a pachinko machine and that there’s no violence allowed in the Ritchie scenario. The thing about their domain is that while you must follow its rules you can still over them.

Tangan explains that it’s what makes them a different variant from most domain expansions we’ve seen in the past.

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In the first scenario, the domain didn’t go smoothly for Hakari as Hajime will find a way to beat and get around it. Initially, Charles was a character that was brought into the story just to showcase Hakari’s domain and abilities, the purpose of their fight was for gay to explain his domain expansion and demonstrate its success of it Moving on to scenario 2 the domain is going to be successful and will also get additional rewards and we are going to see more of the Hikari supremacy. By the end of this chapter, Hajime will turn the tides around snd get out of Hakari’s domain in success although in terms of the entire fight like who would win in the end so maybe it’s going to be a stalemate it is predicted that the Hajime will be figuring out a way to be his domain expansion.



The new season is going to be available soon may be within this week. And it will be available only on the official sites of the manga series.

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