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What is Dance Dance Danseur episode 10 Hype ?

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Dance Dance Danseur (Japanese: Hepburn: Dansu Dansu Dansūru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by George Asakura. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits since September 2015. An anime television series adaptation by MAPPA premiered in April 2022 on the Super Animeism programming block.


Dance Danseur Season 1 Episode 10 Delivery Date

At this moment, Dance Danseur is running. Till now, there are 9 episodes have been delivered. Simultaneously, More Episodes are on backup. Dance Danseur Episode 10 delivery on 11 Jun. 2022.

Dance Danseur Season 1 Episode 10 Commencement

The commencement for Dance Danseur Season 1 Episode 10 is at last here. Look at everything about our site. Bookmark our site, and assuming we update anything about this theme, you can undoubtedly find out.

Junpei Murao used to dislike artful dance, but rather after seeing a man perform it, he unexpectedly winds up intrigued by the workmanship. His dad bites the dust in a lamentable mishap and Junpei surrenders artful dance to be “manly”. Yet again anyway one day, another student from another school named Miyako Godai shows up and achieves his affection for artful dance.


Dance Danseur is composed and shown by George Asakura. The series started in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Week by week Large Comic Spirits on September 14, 2015.[4] Shogakukan has gathered its sections into individual tankōbon volumes. The main volume was delivered on February 12, 2016.[5] As of Walk 30, 2022, 23 volumes have been delivered

In April 2021, it was declared that Dance Danseur will get an anime TV series variation. The series is delivered by MAPPA and coordinated by Munehisa Sakai, with Yoshimi Narita composing the series’ contents, Hitomi Hasegawa planning the characters, and Michiru forming the music. It debuted on April 9, 2022, on the Super Animeism block on MBS, TBS, and different channels. The initial signature melody is “Narihibiku Kagiri” by Yuki, while the consummation signature tune is “Kaze, Hana” by Historie.

Disney+ obtained selective streaming freedoms to the series under Star in Japan. Crunchyroll authorized the series beyond Asia. Medialink authorized the series in Southeast Asia and started streaming it solely likewise on Disney+/Disney+ Hotstar in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand from May 13, 2022.



  • Junpei Murao: The child of a departed double, Junpei hurled himself entirely into “manly” sports before finding his actual enthusiasm, expressive dance. He wants to be the primary Japanese danseur honorable, the most noteworthy positioning for artful dance on the planet.
  • Ruō Mori: A modest 14-year-old kid, he is Miyako’s cousin. The child of an American symbol, he was deserted by his mom following an outrage that uncovered him as the child of her mom with another man who was not her significant other. Raised by her severe, expressive dance-fixated grandma, Luou became under a genuinely and sincerely oppressive climate with next to zero contact with the rest of the world, learning just expressive dance. Subsequently, Luau has feeble interactive abilities, yet his moving ability is unrivaled. Notwithstanding his colossal expertise, Lulu’s social isolation debilitates his capacity to appropriately learn and articulate his thoughts.
  • Miyako Godai: Lou’s cousin. A 14-year-old young lady and the girl of Chizuru. Miyako has gained expressive dance from her mom from an early age. Albeit talented, Miyako’s character is considered unsatisfactory by her mom to act in enormous jobs. Miyako finds Junpei’s capacity and acknowledges he has the expertise in expressive dance which makes him reignite his enthusiasm for the dance. A sort and well-mannered young lady, Miyako has clashed sentiments about Junpei and Luau, both of whom she focuses on. She stresses for Luau is specifically, monitoring his conditions.
  • Natsuki Oikawa: A 6th-grade young lady, and the girl of Ayako. Natsuki is an extremely gifted artist whose expertise is associated with her friends, however, is by and large excessively intense and her looks are deficient. Pleased and stickler, Natsuki invests colossal energy in artful dance, endeavoring to be awesome. The two share many practically speaking as far as how they view artful dance and have had the option to move in amazing sync. Natsuki feels drawn to Junpei as an artist, as his expensive move matches her perspective. There are traces of shared heartfelt sentiments between the two
  • Kotobuki Himenokōji
  • Misaki Yasuda 
  • Yamato Takura


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