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Who will win the Kengan Omega tournament ? Kengan Omega Chapter 161

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Kengan Omega is as usual a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Yabako Sandrovich. It was started in April 2012 and has twenty-seven tankobon volumes. It is also adapted in “Orginal net animation “ and its first episode was premiered on Netflix in 2019. It includes a long list of characters starting with Ohma Tokita who was a fighter in the late 20s, Kazuo Yamashita, he is a 56-year-old salaryman in the Nogi Group, and Hideki Nogi is the CEO of the group , and many more.


The name of the chapter was “A new battlefield “. The opening of the chapter was by Goah Ryuki getting out of his bed. He opened his windows and peeks out, he sees Narushima Koga and Tokito Ohma rehearsing for the new series of movements. Ruskin wanted to meet Ohma so he rushed down the stairs to meet him but unfortunately, Ohma was taken early by the player that arrived at his residence. After a while, in the episode, Koga was seen practicing the moves but was unable to catch the techniques that Ohma performed.

Tokito told Koga the only flaw that is stopping him from doing his job perfectly was his formation. He will be able to gain any of the techniques once he can conquer his inception. New characters Seki Bayashi Jun and Jose Kankazi were also introduced in the second act of the chapter.




This chapter of Kengan Omega is likely to have a tournament. But there is no serious conflict and rivalry between Koga and Ryuki who are counted as the most powerful man in the fighting world’s history. From their skills in action and their perfect body strength to a perfect body structure, everything has its bearing in the underground world. Ruki did not want to be in the same league as Koga but wanted to be on the same battlefield so to do so, they were suggested to organize a tournament which is going to follow in this chapter too.

The chapter starts with Gao going into Kiryu Satsuna’s house with some groceries and wanting to be trained by him. They seemed excited by the tournament and very enticed by the 50 million yen prize and the monk is the most materialistic guy at the table which just adds to the funny aspect of the story. Eventually, there are not going to be any surprises in this chapter so we have to wait for the other chapter for seeing the winner of the tournament.


The next chapter is likely to be realized this week! The only official page where you will find the next episode is Crunchyroll’s official page, here you can find all the manga’s upcoming and already released episodes. The already released arc was just to make the hype for the upcoming episodes.

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