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Come on senpai , are you ready? Nagatoro chapter 106 !!! check out now for more details

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Miss Nagatora or Don’t toy with me, Miss Nagatora is a recently introduced Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Nanashi popularly known as 774. This manga series was app-based and ran online on Magazine Pocket. It was also animated by Telecon Animation Film from April to June 2021. The main character of the series includes Hayase Nagatora/Miss Nagatoro, who is a first-year high school girl who loves teasing senpai.



The last chapter started with the students finding out that they have a free activity period in the school. Groups of the students were really happy and excited listening to the news including Nagatoro’s and Naoto’s groups. Naoto then informs his boys that he will be unable to join them so they went for fishing to have a glimpse of penguins.

Meanwhile, Nagatoro shows senpai the pictures of other students doing different activities. Gama and Yoshi thereafter disguise themselves as samurai and posts their photos. The chapter ended with all of them going upstairs.





After three long weeks which feels like an eternity, we have been gifted by Nanashi Nagatora chapter 106. We also found out today that nanashi has done Evangelion dozens in the past. The chapter starts with a page of a happy navigator and another senpai along with these two tailing them quite goated. Then we see the navigator have a beautifully constructed dialogue with the senpai regarding the topic of being a good match in regards to the buddha tour which is a direct parallel with their pursuit of a relationship with each other.


After this, we see even more matching scenarios as senpai being the anxious young man. Nagata then proceeded to mimic his exact movements and previously said sentence to exact perfection. Nanashi is preparing a dish on the warmer side right now I can feel it during the dilly-dallying between our two main characters. We are then shown the onlookers of fujimi and cheeky friends, who are shown to be harboring some dubious intentions towards our teaser and the tease.


The cheeky friend duo gave navigator and senpai what they referred to as divine punishment but wait for they had yet to punish them as there was an obstacle in their way. Recurring characters Gamo and Yoshi were often seen as a pair who had then shown up with an entrance that sent chills down the backbone and had the hair follicles on our arm arise at once. The masterful writing that nanashi displayed here was dissimilar to anything that anyone has ever seen before.


Gamo then declared proudly that they would take care of the data at hand and that they should scramble like an egg before they get folded like an omelet. Nagitoro then gave her thanks to her old friend as they escaped from the battlefield which was such a touching moment.

Episode 9

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