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Jobless Reincarnation:Mushoku Tensei chapter 82

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Mushoku Tensei popularly known as Jobless Reincarnation is a popular Japanese manga story that was originally published on the internet website “Shosetsuka ni Naro “. It is written by the writer Rifujin a Magonote. This story is about a man who gets reincarnated in a hypothetical world having memories of his past life. So this is a story about a man who is trying hard to fit in his new life and living it to the fullest with no past burdens.

He was killed in a traffic accident and then finds himself in a fantasy world. He was now a newborn baby in the fantasy world but has memories of his past. He ought not to repeat the things he did in his past life and wanted to live this life to the fullest.



The last chapter was titled “Wedding Reception Part 2 “. The story starts with the wedding reception of Rudeus and Roxy. Tanahashi tells everybody that Rudy and her share the same hometown. While one of the guests claims that if the parents are strong then the more powerful children are in the family.

Later on in the story, Sylphiette also meets one from her race at the wedding. Meanwhile, Rudeus was happy to see that she was feeling a familiar presence finally. The final act of the chapter surprises everyone as the woman was none other than Sylphiettie’s grandmother, Elinalise-San. The story then finally ended as “happily ever after “ for Rudeus and Roxy.




Now that the wedding and reception stuff has come to an end the story is now going to take a different turn. In the previous chapter, we saw that Rudeus and Roxy were titled “Happily ever after” and also Rudeus promises to fill his and her wife’s life with love, compassion, and support. Since Rudeus has a great position of power he has a lot of work to handle and is likely to have a balance between his love life and professional life. Sylphiette is more likely to be the main lead in the chapter as we saw in the past episode that she met her grandmother and also can burst out on Rudeus for marrying another woman(Roxy) whereas Rudeus is really in love with the Roxy. The chapter may also contain new adventures for the heroes.

Episode 82


There is now no break in the launch of this chapter for June. There are going to be many twists and turns in this chapter of the manga series. This series is going to be adventures for Rudeus and his wives. The chapter is soon going to be released and will be released only on the official page of the Monthly Comic Flapper.

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