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Kingdom Season 4 Episode 8: Victory, Blood and Love , release date and everything else

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The Kingdom’s plot is based on China’s history of warring states. This anime is based on the same-named manga as the anime Kingdom. Yosuhisa Hara wrote and drew the book. The Kingdom is a historical military anime about a young orphan named Xin.

Xin’s family was killed in the conflict, and it is now his ambition to become the Great General of China’s seven warring nations.

His mission is to bring peace to these countries and to unite China. Through this anime, we shall learn about Xin’s quest to realize his aspirations.



The storyline of Season 4 Episode 8

“The Call” is the title of the fourth season’s new episode. The episode opens with the Wei Army’s strategy being put into action.

We want to catch the Qin soldiers by placing traps in three directions at the same time.

Unfortunately, the problem is more complicated than it looks. Teng and the Three Fire Dragons are still having a hard time accepting it. Both feel the approach will result in several issues.

Teng will try to persuade all of the troop commanders to support the proposal. Qin, on the other hand, isn’t just one of the world’s most formidable forces for no reason.

Furthermore, each of these gentlemen was making preparations for the future. In the future, this conflict will be fascinating to witness.


The cast of the show

The Kingdom’s current directors are Kazuya Monma and Kenichi Imaizumi, with Noboru Takagi writing the script. Under the banner of Signpost Studio, the anime is being produced.

Where to watch the show

There are several places where you may watch anime. NHK General TV and NHK BS Premium broadcast the raw versions of the episodes. In Japan, they will be accessible.

However, due to the popularity of international fans, an English subbed version is available.

Kingdom Anime Season 4 Episode 8 is available in English subtitled form on crunchyroll. Although the former has been acquired by the latter, Crunchyroll remains the sole option.


The episode came out on 28th May with a bang, the fans did not only found the episode funny but also appreciated its wittiness and the turmoil of the emotions the episode had on various discussion forums like twitter and reddit

Historical action-fiction is a rare genre, only a few anime cater to it, but Kingdom does it brilliantly. The Kingdom informs us about China’s era, which is one of the most important historical periods in Chinese history.

The anime introduced us to several powerful characters, which is a positive aspect of the show. The kingdom is well worth your time since the anime is well-made and the tale will leave you scared. The anime will make you wonder if Xin would be able to unite China.


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