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Mia’s past and Lanzhu joins:Nijigasaki episode 9 , release date and spoilers check out now!!

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Love live! Nagasaki High School Idol Club, is actually not just a regular Japanese manga series but is also a multimedia spin-off project from Love live series and also has a game series called Love live! School Idol Festival. This series is written by the writer Jin Tanaka and is directed by Tomoyuki Kawamura.

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In the past episode, there was an entry of a new idol that was going to join the Idol Club. We saw the scenes of Shioriko and her sister Kaoruko. Kaoruko was quitting her Idol career and wished farewell to her fans and was crying. Kaoruko became a student-teacher at Nijigasaki high school thereafter. She asks her sister why is she not participating in the Idol Festival and what is her dream is, does she want to become an Idol singer. Shioriko replies to her question that she dreamt about becoming an idol singer in the past but now she is not interested in that. Shioriko now just wants to support her group and wanted it to grow big.




In this episode, we are likely going to see Mia’s development. In the first scene of the episode, we see Mia talking about her past and he’s trying to figure out what’s going on. So Mia is sitting on the site and she’s watching Toki meki runners on her phone.

Andrew is likely to be leaving she is kind of mentioned because she has nothing else she can do but Mia doesn’t want her to leave and needs her to sing songs for her. She also finds out and communicates that with the rest of her girls and she kind of gets a brief message saying “I need to go back home”. So Mia is kind of mad and she goes to find a laundry. Meanwhile, Andrew is stuck on the idea that there’s nothing else that she can do, she’s done being on an island and wants to go home, the girls kind of beat mhimas a group. She is fighting herself rather than believing it.


Mia is going to be writing an ultimate song for Nanju and she is going to work on it. We have Shiriko and she wants to try apologizing but nancy just runs away. She’s unable to communicate how she feels and she rather hides behind something. Mia goes and writes a song, she gets ready and she is very pumped up to show it to Nanju so then she goes and shows her alternate song for her and notices again this is a fantastic song but this song is not for her. Mia got upset because she thought that song was totally for Nanju and walks away.

In the last scene, we see Karen getting woken up, Nancy wakes her up and then also have to wake up 100 person which is Mia.

Episode 9



In the preview for the next episode, we have these girls looking like they are going to have some kind of training. Girls are going to go out and eat and enjoy themselves. They are gonna hang out and they’re all fishing together and also they have all their mum together and goof around and have fun and training etc.

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