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Sanzu killed takemichi? Tokyo revengers 256 !! get the latest updates here

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There aren’t a lot of updates about chapter 256 but there are many interesting things in this chapter. This time there are only four panels leaked about the chapter. Also, there isn’t a release of the exact translations so we don’t know about the story at this point but we are here with a lot of extraordinary and unknown facts about chapter 256.


We can see Nakamichi being stabbed by size but unfortunately, we don’t know about the full and exact content. We also got a little flashback about Sanzu’s past, Sanzu tells Mikey that, he’s his ally. I think this incident happened after the tenjiku arc after Mikey disbands the toman gang. He stays away from his friends, he knew he would hurt them one day because Nakamichi told Mikey, all the things before going to the future. But no one expected to make such a decision. And in the Bonten arc, we saw all the Kanto manji gang members of Sanzu number 2 in Bonten, but after Nakamichi went to the future we have no idea what happened in the past. That’s when I think Sanzu should have played an important role in the story. He may also be the main reason for the formation of the Bonten gang. Sanzu always thinks that Mikey should only be in high status. As Mikey can be easily manipulated so I think that sanzu is trying to use Mikey for his benefit.



Takamichi and Hakusho both decided to fight against Sanzu. But as expected Kakucho was defeated but there can is a chance that he fought him for a while. As in the glimpse of the last chapter we got the backstory of Kakucho so he can be the main character in this fight. But predictions were wrong, Sanzu used his sword also used it against Takamichi.


In the last chapter, Sanzu stabbed Kakucho with the sword and the chances of Kakucho losing were high but we cannot decide anything immediately, we know how powerful Kakucho is. He escaped death two times, he must have given Sanzu a hard time but in the end, it was useless, he was on his knees by the end also we saw Sanzu still using the sword so Sanzu may have stabbed him several times. Otherwise, Kakucho could still fight.

But now there is no one to help Takamichi but Takamichi is shocked and saddened to see Kakucho’s wound because Kakucho fought for him. If he dies now Takamichi will blame himself but we have to wait for that. Kikuchi is likely to be alive but in the mid of the chaos Sanzu goes on to attack the Takamichi as well.


With the Nakamichi and Hakusho now defeated, there is no one to interfere in Sanzu’s way and Sanzu didn’t want to waste any more time on this. So finally the train began to move, the chapter ends with the train going up to the battlefield.

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