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Shikimori’s birthday gift , shikimori’s not just a cutie episode 8

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A series full of drama and art and creativity and everything an audience expects from a series of the respective genre. It is a contemporary Japanese fusion of romance and comedy manga series. The masterpiece of romantic comedy is introduced to the world by Keigo Maki. The story is serialized on the magazine pocket website and app of Kodansha’s. It’s there in the market since February 2019. North America’s Kodansha USA is the institution that licensed The Manga series. The romantic comedy series was premiered in April 2022 by the one and only Doga Kobo studio.


The characters that we grow up with are Yuu Izumi, Shikomori’s boyfriend who is amiable, unassertive, a decent cook, and pretty unlucky; Kyo; Yui; Kamiya; Motoko, etc. Izumi and Shikimori are one of those typical love birds since high school but this continues till Izumi dives into trouble. Shikomori, later in life, becomes a mind-blowing heroine with extraordinary beauty that lives in the heart of everyone who ever sees her, even if it is just a glance. There is also a registered presence of some supporting characters like Miyabi; Fuji; Rika and Saratoga.

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The episode starts with an awkward and confused Kamiya. who is majorly struggling with her mind and heart because of Izumi? The protagonist realizes that there is something fishy going on in Kamiya’s mind. The protagonist did something unusual and unimaginable. With this scenario happening in one corner, the other scenario showcases Izumi planning Shikimori’s birthday.

Now talking about the next scene, we saw a conversation between Izumi and Kamiya about an action movie that was recently released. In the meantime, Kamiya ignored Nebozki’s favor and didn’t reply to her text. But at the end of the day, she gets her out for a while. Shikimori took Kamiya outside and begins to talk.

The protagonist wants the couple’s number to be given by Kamiya to receive a photo with her boyfriend. Shocked by the next scene, Kamiya shares her number with Shikimori. As Izumi reaches out, Kamiya buttoned the topic down and threw it down the sheets as she truly wished him enjoyment with his friends. She also served some help to the batchmates for the cultural festival.

Kamiya waits for the right time and goes up the terrace and talks to herself about all the wrongdoings she thinks she is doing but all of this is heard by Shikimori. Izumi is the one Kamiya is in love with and it is evil. Kamiya is sorrowful; she had the image of a perfect girl but actually, she is afraid of facing her emotions. Shikomori comes out as a friend and pats her cheeks to as she cries. The protagonist wants Kamiya to understand that she is not any less of a good human being and she tries to sacrifice her feelings for others.

Episode 8

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