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SHOCKING reason for the postponement of Karyn Kusama’s movie

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Karyn Kusama’s upcoming film at stake 


The upcoming movie of Karyn Kusama got scrapped. The film was about the main female character Mina Harker in the film Dracula. It was from the Blumhouse and Miramax. The film doesn’t seem to go further because of the differences in creation between Miramax and Kusama. The team of producers for the film was Jason Blum, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, and Miramax’s Bill Block. This movie is based on Stoker’s novel. Hey, and Manfredi was going to write the script. Almost everything was set to begin for the film creation. They are Kusama’s frequent collaborators. Kusama was going to direct the film. Recently, Jones appeared in Starz’s series Blindspotting as Ashley. That is currently in production on season two in Oakland, California.

What’s the story all about?

Mina Harker is one of the fictional characters in Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula. She was the main female character in that novel. In this novel, the content is related to letters, news articles, and diary entries. There is no protagonist in the story. One of the characters Jonathan Harker takes Meena on a business trip. They plan to stay in the castle of a Transylvanian noble, Count Dracula.

Harker leaves the castle as soon as she discovers that Dracula is a vampire. After that, Dracula moves to England and plagues the towns on the seaside of Whitby. In the end, a small group of people kills Dracula. The book consists of over 100 pages of the novel. Ancient folklore and history inspired the novelists and producers to create films and stuff on this topic. Historical stories and Gothic fiction had depictions of the characters shown over here.

Extracted from the novel 

Stoker took the name Dracula from Whitby’s public library meaning it to be evil. The novel doesn’t specifically mention any figure. However, it got a great response from the viewers. Some of them regarded it as effective use of horror, while others called it frightening. Dracula is famous in English literature. Films and plays often use this topic for the creation of their plot. The audience was excited about this film. Kusama was going to start the production of the film next month. But it got scrapped much before it.

Probable reasons for scrapping the film

Miramax is said to have been excited. Earlier, the title was going to be Mina Harker, and the Blindspotting star, Jasmine Cephas was going to play the role. The plans for the film we’re going on for the last two years and created waves among the horror fans. Recently, Kusama was the executive producer and pilot director of the series Yellowjackets which was very much liked by the audience. This film became dead due to creative differences. The topic of the film was interesting surely in future, producers will make films on this topic. The viewers would be eagerly waiting for it.


1. Why is the film scrapped?

Miramax sucked the life from director Karyn Kusama’s planned big-screen re-imagining of the classic Dracula tale when it pulled financing over “creative differences with the project,” according to a source.

2. What’s the opinion of Blumhouse on this matter?

The source says the Blumhouse-backed project is “not moving forward” in its current iteration and likely won’t go ahead at all, even though a script and production budget were approved.

3. What was going to be the title of the film?

According to Deadline, which first reported the news Tuesday, the film would’ve been titled Mina Harker and was to be set in contemporary Los Angeles. The titular protagonist would’ve become intertwined with the Bram Stoker-inspired character known as Vladimir in Kusama’s film.



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