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50-Year-Old Kiara Lynn Russell Married Straight Man 18 Years Her Senior: Her Low-Cost Wedding!

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The beautiful wedding at just 500 dollars 


A bride and a groom had a dreamy wedding but for just 500 Dollars. The couple is Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough. Now the question is how they made it possible to do. Kiara explains that she thought of doing the wedding in such a way that she doesn’t need to break the bank. So she started looking at her resources.

Using gifts at the wedding 

The first thing was the venue which was a free public park. They found a freeway for their wedding. Then the invites. Kiara, the bride designed all the invitation cards by herself. A lot of people gifted them many things. Her sister gifted her a runner and her godsister and aunt gifted her a cake. The bride’s mother is a pastor so she came for free. She got the flowers as a gift from her godmother and for music, Kiara created a playlist on iTunes and let it play.

The bride’s stunning wedding dress

The bride’s gorgeous gown cost just 47 dollars. The bride says that she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her wedding attire as she had a mindset that she will wear it only once for a few hours. When asked about taxes from the groom Joel, then his reply was about 100 dollars.

The concept of guests paying for their stuff

This wasn’t a small affair the reception consisted of 40 guests and it was held at a local restaurant. The guests picked up their tabs. The organizers let the guests know in the invitation that this is the place where they are celebrating. If they want food and drinks then they will be available for purchase. The guests paid for their drinks and food themselves. Everyone over there understood their idea and what they were trying to do. They supported them as well.

How was this new concept?

This concept is new and unique and carries the idea of minimal wastage of foodstuffs and other resources. All of us might have seen things getting wasted after the party is over. People don’t care about them. The average wedding cost in their home state California is 33000 dollars. The total came under 500 Dollars. They did everything that happens at a wedding from vows to celebrations. Kiara says that to do something like this, what you need to have are supportive loved ones. The wedding is all about accepting each other. This idea is very good than going into debt for a wedding.

How can one make a wedding like this?

If we talk about wedding venues, then selecting a free place already pretty will not cost you a penny. The main message that they want to convey through all this is that it’s not the ceremony that makes the marriage. It’s not the ceremony that you are gonna take forward with you in your entire life but the bond of love that you created.


1. Where is the wedding about?

The wedding was held in Los Angeles.

2. Can these ideas be taken further?

.ost of the people believe in doing a grand wedding and sometimes for this, they go into debt. But this idea is great and is an inspiration for all.

3. How did they manage to arrange the required things?

They utilized their gifts to manage the required things.



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