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90-YEAR-OLD Broadway Legend Robert Morse Dies of Brief Illness, Tony-Winning Star

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Robert Alan Morse: The expert on comedy 


Robert Alan Morse was an American actor. He had an impish gap-toothed grin and expert comic timing. This made him a Tony-winning Broadway star as a charming corporate schemer. The 1961 musical “How to succeed in business without trying” won another Tony for his early lifelike portrait of Truman Capote. He was 90. His agent David Shaul confirmed his death. Being small in stature but larger than life as a performer. Mr. Morse was a relative newcomer when he took Broadway as a storm in “How to succeed in business without trying”.

The filmy career of Mr. Morse 

The show, Broad satire in the business world was set in the headquarters of the World Wide Wicket Company. The efforts of a young window washer named J Pierrepont Finch were reflected in its story She played her role with sly humor by Mr. Morse to climb up the ladder of the Corporate industry. Among the show’s many high points was the washroom scene. In that song, Morse delivered a heartfelt rendition of the song “I believe in you “. He hates continuously at the mirror in that scene. “How to succeed” ran for 1400 performances and won 7 Tony awards. This included one for Mr. Morse as best actor in a musical as well as the Pulitzer Prize for drama.

The 1967 film Adaptation with Mr. Morse and Mr. Valer with repeated roles was also a big hit. The show had been revived twice on Broadway. Morse always seemed more at home on the stage than on the screen. He made an uncredited and unseen Hollywood debut in the world war 2 drama, “The Proud and Profane”. This occurred five years before “How to succeed ” opened.

Great achievements

With no other screen roles, he returned to New York where he studied acting with Lee Strasburg. There he auditioned for the film directed by Tyrone Guthrie. It was then that he got his first Broadway role in the film ‘The Matchmaker’. It was a piece of Thornton’s comedy about the search of a widowed merchant for a new wife. Ruth Gordon had the title role and Robert Morse and Arthur Hill were clerks in the merchant’s shop. Mr. Morse would reprise his role in the Adaptation, a 1958 film.

Mr. Morse’s Broadway career continued with the comedy “Say Darling” in 1958 in which he played the role of an eager young producer. The musical “Take Me Along” in 1959 based on Eugene O’Neill’s play “Ah Wilderness” gave the role of a doubt-ridden adolescent. Walter Pidgeon was in the role of his sympathetic father while Jackie Glison was his hard-drinking uncle. Then came his star-making a turn in “How to succeed”. His success led to a lot of movies but not movie stardom. He died on April 20, 2022, due to a brief illness at his home. But he’ll always be remembered in our hearts for his incredible work.


1. What was Morse’s role in the Mad Men?

Morse played the sage Bertram Cooper in “Mad Men” and was nominated for Emmy five times for this role from 2007 to 2015.

2. How are people related to this news?

Morse played the sage Bertram Cooper in “Mad Men” and was nominated for Emmy five times for this role from 2007 to 2015. He won the SAG Award for an ensemble cast in a drama series for his outstanding performance.

3. When did he get his first Tony award?

An Emmy award winner for “American Playhouse” in 1993, Morse was known for his grin with gapped-tooth and impish stature who became big on Broadway for a musical comedy, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” He won the first Tony of his career for this role in 1962.

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