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The Record of Ragnarok is one of the most popular manga series by Shinya Umemura and Fukui Takumi. Illustrated by Ajichika, this manga’s first issue debuted on the Coamix platform for young adults, in the November of 2017. In June of 2021, Record of Ragnarok marked its debut in the western hemisphere through the Viz media.

Other names and their popularity:


This English translated Record of Ragnarok is also popularly known as Shuumatsu no Valkyrie or Doomsday.

The popularity of this series grew to such an extent that it was also converted into a Netflix series with the same name. In 2018, Record of Ragnarok became the fifth-most popular manga series. According to the employees at Nationwide Bookstores, in 2020, Record of Ragnarok was made the 12th most recommended comic book. Shooting its sale up to around 8 million copies of Record of Ragnarok demonstrates the devotion of manga readers towards this series.

Overview of the story:

The story unfolds when the gods decide to convene a meeting for deciding whether to allow humanity to live or die and ultimately opt to kill humanity. However, a lone valkyrie suggests the idea that the gods and humanity fight one more battle to ensure humanity’s continued survival. Finally, it was decided that thirteen gods will square off against thirteen human champions in one-on-one combat the result of which would determine humanity’s fate.


Thus in Record of Ragnarok, we witness that after 7 million years, 13 gods and 13 human warriors fought to determine humanity’s fate being inspired by a valkyrie named Brunhilde.

After the proposed way by Valkyrie Brunhild to save humanity from perishing, the Gods agree for the battle which will pit 13 notable humans from throughout history against 13 of the most powerful gods in one-on-one duels to the death. And humanity was decided to be spared if their side wins seven duels.

To equalize the odds, each human is provided the support of a Valkyrie who changes into a Volund, a formidable weapon adapted to their combat style, at the cost of her life, only if the user dies.

Release date:

The fans of Record of Ragnarok remain amazed by this series after the premiere of the previous Chapter. Now the fans are eager to know when is the Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 67 coming out. Well, we have good news. Chapter 67 of Record Of Ragnarok was announced to be released on 23rd May 2022. So it’s out already!

Where can you read this chapter?

Chapter 67 of Record Of Ragnarok is available on the official website of Record of Ragnarok. Fans can read it online by browsing through the website.


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