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Cosplay Me and Roboco chapter 91 spoilers, raw scan and everything you want to know

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Me and Roboco is as usual a Japanese manga series . It is written by the writer Shuhei Miyazaki and also illustrated by him. This series has also been serialized in July 2020. The series is also announced for anime television series creations.The characters in the story include Roboco ,a 17 year old who has self-annucated to be the maid of Bondo to serve him. She is heavy by the body structure and has masculine legs.The next character we have Bondo Taira who is a 10 year old boy who deals with Roboco’s antics but he somehow ignores them as he too feels lonely without her .The third character of the story is Gachi Gorilla who is one of Bondo’s best friends and is really helpful by nature . Another character in the story is Motsuo who is also one of Bondo’s best friends and he also has his own maid Meico. He is the richest among all the friends.The last character Madoka , she is an 11 year old girl and also Bondo’s best friends who works as an idol as her part time job . Bondo has serious feelings for her and he really likes her. She is unique as she turns masculine whenever she is really serious.


The last chapter only focused on the announcement but didn’t tell us everyones fate . Everyone was in the forest enjoying the campfire. They spent most of their time reading Gaku’s romantic poems and reciting them near the campfire. They didn’t really worried about anything much and was lost in the poems .

Meanwhile Motsuo goes to his room and sees Roboco with really different looks. The reason behind the change was that she wanted boys attention and was excited about the anime series. After a while Motsuo’s mom comes and scolds him badly for his inappropriate content. It was clear already that the story won’t be containing any dark content in spite he had it. Everyone was excited about the anime series and realised that they had to work harder this time . For the position of the main character there was little conflict among the kids.


Chapter 90


This chapter is going to include how Madoka when the campfire will end is going to deal with the boys. Listening about the promotions everyone gets excited and celebrates it. So everyone is now going to change their looks for people’s attention .

In this chapter there is going to be a big reveal of everyone’s fate and Gaku is going to return too. When he returns the first thing he sees is the kids sleeping on the barren land and starts wondering about things that must have happened last night . She was actually feeling really relaxed after getting home as she thinks it was a really awful idea of being with boys.

Chapter 91

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