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Rascal don’t dream of Bunny girl Senpai : Season 2 Countdown, Release Date, Spoiler and Everything You Need To Know

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Bunny girl senpai is a Japanese manga light novel series which is written by the writer Hajime Kamoshida. It has yet to publish in eleven volumes by ASCII Media Works since 2014. Its first volume has also been serialized in anime television series in the year 2018. And its sixth volume was serialized in 2019 with the name “Rascal does not dream of Bunny girl Senpai “. The characters of the series include Sakuta Azusagawa who has a bad reputation as he hospitalized three people, Mai Sakurajima is tired from her acting work and decides to take a break, Tomoe Koga is a student from the first year in Sakuta’s high school, Rio Futaba is a member of the science club at Sakuta’s high school.


The plot starts with Sakuta’s life taking a turn as he meets an actress Mai Sakurajima who was dressed as a bunny girl. Mai was shocked by knowing that Sakuta is the only one that can see her even though no one has ever seen her even if she is in the bunny costume. After knowing the fact that she was suffering from Adolescence Syndrome he decides to help her and all the other girls who suffer from this syndrome.

Sakuta wanted to know the cause of the Adolescence Syndrome he goes out on a date with Mai. He wanted to help the little girl but was misunderstood as a pervert by her. Sakuta and Mai then come back to school and hear from Rio Futaba that there is no such collection about Mai. Sakuta then realizes a strange phenomenon happening around him which is leading to the repetition of the same day. Sakuta and Mia promised each other on the last day of the session that they will keep acting as if they are dating because of a friend of hers.



Mai continues to wear the bunny suit and remains a mystery for everyone except for Sakuta. The first season focused only on the Sakuta Azusagawa and on Mai Sakurajima but now there may be an expansion of the characters in the story. New characters will be introduced in the new volume and will be integrated into the series as well. The characters now may include Tomoe Koga, Nodoko Toyohama, and Shoko Makinohara. The addition of the new characters makes the series interesting.

Season 2


The real reason why we haven’t got season 2 yet is that we let the source material get a second season. If you all check up the service material and how many search materials the movie and the season 1 of the anime covered so basically the issue is that we haven’t enough star materials for the second season. Although the third season is confirmed to be released by the year 2023 season 2 can take a little more time.

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