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Rokka Braves of the Six flowers Season 2 !!Countdown, Release Date, Spoiler and Everything You Need To Know

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Rokko no Yuusha is popularly known as Rokko braves of the six flowers is a light novel Japanese series which is written by the writer Ishio Yamagata. It was serialized by Kei Toru in February 2012. It’s an anime television series that was released in 2015. The plot of the series is that it contains six people that are popularly called Braves of the six flowers. They were chosen by the goddess of fate to defeat the Demon. They are seven whenever they gather as one of the seven is the imposter who’s from the Demon’s side. The characters in the story are Adlet Mayer, he is the main character who’s a self-announced as the strongest among all in the world. Next, we have Nashetania Loei Piena Augusta, she is the first princess of Piena whose family was killed in the civil war. Now we have a sniper in the story who is known as the Six flower killer, Fremy Speeddraw. And many other characters.


The Goddess of fate chooses six warriors when the Majin awakes from the depth of darkness and gives all warriors the power to save the world and they were all named as “The Braves of the six flowers”.When the warrior reaches their locations they find out that there is also another man chosen “Adlet” and they are now seven. But the twist in the story was that the Braves are only six and one of them is the imposter who supports the Demon God. All were surprised to know that there was an imposter among all and everyone’s doubt was for Adlet being the one. There was nothing decided in this season but the fantasy has now been started.





Yes, there might be a season two as there is no such news regarding the release of season 2 but there is also no news regarding the release of the season. The season is said to be made and complete soon. The trailer has also been released so there is a lot of chance for us to see season 2.


The date is not yet finalized but maybe there’s a chance for its premiere although the season is yet to be confirmed. The program cannot be denied to be made as many stars claim to attend the publication.


The main characters this season are Adlet Myer, Nachetanya Loei Piena Augusta, and Aoi Yuki. This season is likely to be titled Hero of the six flowers. It is going to be continuing the events of the fantasy world made in the previous season. The warriors in the story are going to fight with the Demons God to save the world. After a long time, Majin has awakened and has sent his troops to destroy the Earth.

Season 2

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