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Black Bullet Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Recap & Trailer

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The last season was released in 2014 it’s been more than 7 years and there has never been any announcement or even rumors about the next season.

The key reason for this is that the first season was not able to get the fans it was expected to get moreover the show was also not able to gain any profit.

It can be said that the reason behind the failure of the series is that the novel through which the series was adapted was after some time abandoned and the expectations of the fans of the series were broken then.

Black Bullet

The anime series Black Bullet, known as Burakku Baratto in Japanese, depends on a famous light novel of the very name that was first distributed in 2011. T

The Black Bullet light clever series is composed by Shiden Kanzaki and represented by Saki Ukai.

The black bullet is a fabulous dystopian anime series with activity components cherished by individuals around the world.

Which spins around the group of Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter, as they go on missions to battle the developing danger of Gastrea in their old neighborhood of Tokyo.

The anime TV series Black Bullet has just had one season so far coordinated by Masayuki Kojima and enlivened by Studios Kinema Citrus and Orange.


The initial 13-episode Black Bullet TV anime series debuted in Japan in April 2014. From that point forward, this series has amassed a sizable fan base that is as yet sitting tight for Black Bullet Season 2 Episode 1 or a continuation of some kind or another.

Black Bullet Season 2 won’t ever occur. Sadly, the Black Bullet anime was not a monetarily fruitful variation. Thus, the second time of this anime was rarely arranged. The greatest issue, however, is that the creator has deserted this series.

Reason of fall down

The typical number of Blu-Ray deals is about 2,400, which is low for 2014, and there are just 80 bits of product and only nine-figure fabricated for this series. The light original additionally used to sell about 30,000 duplicates for each volume which is quite less as well

Nonetheless, as recently said, the prime issue is that the Black Bullet light novel was deserted. The decent method for putting it is that it’s on a truly extended break, however since the most recent volume was delivered in 2014 and the creator hasn’t uttered a word


Will, there ever be Season 2

Keeping in mind the happenings since the release of season 1, it is safe to say that there would not be season 2 ever. Since 2014 the creators neither have said a word nor tried to create any buzz around the same.

Even though this must be disappointing for the fans but they can read the manga Black Bullet as the first season only covered 4 volumes and they may be able to get the ending of the series and get over it as one should not expect the next season.

Even though the Twitter account and the official website have not even been updated for the last many years but if any updates come you can find them here.

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