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Horror anime of 2022 that will make you scream!

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Another is a 2012 Japanese adult animated horror television series directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and produced by P.A. Works appeared in twelve episodes between January 10 and March 27, 2012. The series, based on Yukito Ayatsuji’s 2009 novel of the same name, is set in 1998 and focuses around a boy called Kichi Sakakibara, who, after moving into Yomiyama High School, discovers a secret.. Middle School and meeting the curious Mei Misaki, finds himself in a mystery involving students and people related to his class facing gruesome and senseless deaths.

Another aired late at night on Kitanihon Broadcasting, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, and other independent TV stations before debuting on Nippon BS Broadcasting in April.

In 2012, Sentai Filmworks licenced the anime series for digital and home media distribution. On May 26, 2012, an original video animation episode set before the start of the story was published alongside the “0th” volume of the manga.



Sanae Mizuno was a Yomiyama Hospital nurse. She was upbeat, kind, gregarious, and tranquil. Sanae was in charge of Kouichi‘s care while he was in the hospital. She also recommended several mystery authors to Kouichi. She was friendly with Kouichi, with whom she had a brief relationship.


Summary of the most recent episode

The episode starts on the street. Misaki Fujioka, a little brown-haired girl wearing a frilly pink dress and an eyepatch on her left eye, sits motionless on a seat. A young man approaches her and wants to take her out, but is puzzled when she does not recognise him. The female then asks him whether he has a doppelganger. When the guy asks what a doppelganger is, she adds that it is “another you or me” and that everyone who sees one dies. At that time, another girl comes, looking just like Misaki, except she has black hair, a blue outfit, and an eyepatch covering her left eye. The guy flees, terrified, and Misaki laughs at her joke.

Mei Misaki, the black-haired girl, inquires as to what happened to Misaki’s eye. Misaki says it’s a’style,’ and her eyelid has enlarged. Mei checks and finds that it is almost completely healed. The twin sisters then start walking down the street.

The twins go to the local shopping mall and start looking for clothing. Misaki takes advantage of their likeness and utilises Mei instead of a mirror to check how her outfits will look. The twins ultimately find two nearly similar dresses and try them on in the dressing room. Misaki removes Mei’s eyepatch in the changing room, showing her green doll’s eye, and notes that Mei once stated that she could see something with that eye. Mei responds that she does not see it on Misaki. The twins buy the clothes and then go to a shooting booth. When Misaki fires the toy gun, the cork bounces off the teddy bear and lands on her head. Misaki responds by hurling. When Misaki fires the toy gun, the cork bounces off the teddy bear and lands on her head. Misaki responds by tossing the cork back, knocking over the bear. Misaki is overjoyed, only to have the stall owner reject her a reward. Misaki afterwards decides she wants to visit a genuine amusement park. Mei recommends they go the next week, while her mother is gone at a doll show. The scenario later shifts back to the hospital elevator from the first episode. Mei is now aloof and heartless, and she is sporting an eyepatch once more. She’s clutching the blindfolded doll, getting ready to fulfil Misaki’s final request. Koichi walks inside the elevator and approaches her.



Other frightening anime

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  2. Phantom Castlevania
  3. Boogiepop
  4. Corpse Party: Tortured Soulsand many more.


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