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Redo of healer: English dubbed version-Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Recap & Trailer

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Redo of the healer is a Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Rui Tsukiyo. It was serialized in December 2016 and was published on the website “Shosetsuka ni Naro”.The characters in the series are- Keyaru who is the Healing hero. Flare Arlgrande Jioral is the magic hero and first princess of the kingdom Journal. Setsuna is a female slave. Eve Reese is a demon and wanted to become the Demon lord. Norn Clatalissa Jioral is the younger sister of Flare and the second princess. Kureha Clyret is the female knight of the kingdom Journal. The cannon master, Bullet. Anna is a common villager who shares the same village as Keyaru. Leonard, one with no sympathy and is the captain of the knights of the kingdom Journal. Red Gordon is a merchant from Lanaritta city.


The series Redo of healer focuses on the character Keyaru and events in the series revolve around him. He is characterized as the healing Hero. After getting the powers he ought to defeat the Demons and save the world and the humans. He then meets the princess of the kingdom Jioral, princess Flare and the events start getting worse and worse after she enters into his life. Princess Flare uses him for the healing powers he possesses. Her exploitation led to Keyaru living a life full of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse for the next four years. He realized he cannot leave his life in vain and somehow finds a new way to use his powers. He used a stone, “The Philosopher Stone ” to undo the past events and wanted to take revenge on the people who made his life a living hell.

About the anime


For the people who have English as their native language like the USA, Canada and for people like us Indians have demanded the English episodes and the demand has been increasing day by day. I know who all must be thinking that we have the subtitles to understand the anime so why is there a need for the dubbed version, there may not be a specific reason for it but we know the fans are excited by seeing the hot scenes in the Anime and dubbed version for them can be an even better option for them to view the series.


The series is not only going to be dubbed but is also going to be Uncensored. This anime contains a lot of hot scenes, now this may not be the only reason for a demand for a dubbed version but seeing it in a language that you understand can be a better option. The official rights of the anime are with the Filmworks “Sentai”. Now, this may have to do nothing with the release but it has increased the chances for us to get an English dubbed version of our anime Redo of a healer. The English dubbed episodes of the series may be released by November and can be watched on any official website of the manga series.

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