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Rising of the shield hero season 2 Episode 11: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Recap & Trailer

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The Rising of the Shield Hero, a usual Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Aneko Yusagi. It was published on the website Shosetsuka ni Naro. It was also serialized by Media Factory. It has yet to produce twenty-two volumes by 2019. The characters in the story include Naofumi Iwatani who is the Shield hero who found a book about the four Heroes in the other world. Raphtalia is the Vassal Katana hero and is the main heroine in the story. Next, we have Filo the Filolial queen who hatched from an egg purchased from the slave trader. Then is the Raph Chan who is created by Naofumi, Raph Chan helps Naofumi in finding Raphtalia after their separation.


We saw that Raphtalia was hauled to the prison cell. Spending time there she begins to think about the life she had when she didn’t meet Naofumi. The prison cell was designed such that it used to soak the energy of everyone who stays inside the cell. She then meets L’arc in the prison cell as they were made of glass. Since Raphtalia was a spirit so her energy wasn’t stolen by the prison cells and she somehow manages to get all the people out of the prison cells. After getting out of the prison cell all she wanted to do was to reunite with Naofumi.

When Raphtalia and others were on their way to reunite with Naofumi they found that there was a ceremony going on to choose the real Katana hero. They all went to see if the participants included Kazuki, out of excitement. Raphtalia didn’t get L’arc out to protect her and him later and went out of the cell by herself. When she becomes the Katana hero the mark that she had of the curse which connects her to Naofumi got erased and she was then a grown-up. Raphtalia then reached a temple where people worship the Katana heroes. Kazuki then reached there too but he didn’t want to fight against the Katana hero, Raphtalia. But the threat upon Raphtalia didn’t end, Byakko who’s the copy of Kazuki attacked her but fortunately, Naofumi reaches on time.




Now we will see that Naofumi gets to meet Raphtalia and Filo, they get reunited and are now going to team up with the Vassal heroes. Both the teams, Naofumi’s and L’arc’s now have the same goal to defeat Kyo for everyone’s welfare. Raphtalia is now the Katana hero but still wanted to be chosen by Naofumi as his sword. Here we can also see a true love scenario between them.

The story will then be about the Hunting Vassal hero “Kizuna” and the events will be moving around him. So there are not going to be any limitations in the adventures for us to see and now the only thing we have to do together is wait.

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