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SURPRISING, Rapper DaBaby was Present When Man Gets Shot After Concert!

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A man shot for trespassing on NC property 


Yesterday, on April 15, a man about 26 years old, tried to jump over the fence that surrounded North Carolina property. He got shot on a football ground outside a building. That building belonged to rapper DaBaby, whose original name is Jonathan Kirk. But police are unclear of the fact whether DaBaby owns it or not. Even the person who shot has not been identified yet. The case is still under investigation. Though it was confirmed that the shooting didn’t occur inside the residence. However, the police went into the mansion and found a man with a nonsevere gunshot wound who was later on taken for medical treatment. Moreover, the rapper DaBaby is a native of North Carolina.

Some insight into the case 

In some 911 calls which is an emergency number, someone is heard saying that he shot his leg. The name is not specified. When the reason is asked, he replied that the person was trespassing his property. He further adds that he doesn’t know why that person and what he wants to take and he will be neutralized until the cops come. It has been found that the person neither belongs to the residence nor was a guest. No charges have been filed yet. The representatives of The Rapper have not yet responded about the incident.

DaBaby’s history of cases

This incident is among the latest which is related to DaBaby. In 2019, DaBaby was held guilty of carrying an obscure weapon after a lethal shot at a Walmart in Huntersville, North Carolina, south of Troutman. Though he wasn’t charged in the case. The rapper was detained in Miami for having connections to a robbery. The authorities found he had an arrest warrant in Texas and then he got arrested. According to some reports, he took cash of $80, a credit card, and an iPhone 7 from the promoter. After two days, he got released.

Series of events

The Rapper Jonathan Kirk has a history of being involved in such cases. He slapped one of his female fans as he was going to a performance on the stage during the event of the “Up Close N Personal” tour in Florida. Later on, he mentioned the reason being her phone was very close to his face while she was making his video with the flash switched on. Further in February 2022, he and his gang struck Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother somewhere near Los Angeles. He had a series of events including making controversial comments regarding certain topics like HIV/AIDS. In the current case, nothing could be found fully. It’s still under investigation and it will take a lot of time to discover all the things.


1. Who was the person that got shot?

He has not been recognized yet. But the case is under investigation.

2. Is this the first case where the rapper DaBaby is involved?

No, there have been several cases in the past where he was involved in controversies by his statements and actions.

3. Does the mansion around where this happened belonged to DaBaby?

Most likely it belongs to him and probably at that time, he was there in his mansion with one other person. The police are also not sure whether it belongs to him or not.

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