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Eleceed Chapter 197: the story that will shatter you to pieces check out now!

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Eleceed is a Korean Webtoon about fantasy and action authored by Son Jae Ho and drawn by ZHENA. It is available on Naver (in Korean) and WEBTOON (in English). It’s updated every Tuesday and has a rating of 9.9/10.0 on Webtoons.


Despite shaking hands with Naoto, Takemichi is surprised to discover that he cannot time travel. Naoto decides that it is because he has no desire to modify the current future, having accomplished his purpose of preserving Hina. He believes that unless both parties have a strong desire to modify the past, the time-leap will not occur. Nakamichi comes to Chifuyu’s pet store and informs her of his incapacity to time travel. Chifuyu accepts these events, telling Takemichi that his duty to save Hina has already been completed. Nakamichi expresses his desire to see and speak with Mikey, asking Chifuyu if he knows anything about how Mikey became wicked, as he saw no indicators that Mikey would go down a terrible road. Chifuyu stated that despite his efforts to locate Mikey following his absence, he was unable to do so; consoling Takemichi, Chifuyu stated that that is the road Mikey chose to live. Chifuyu, playful on Takemichi’s shoulder, reminds him that he, too, is heading down a path: his marriage with Hina. Relax, he says.

Nakamichi contemplates his dilemma as he leaves the pet store, knowing that Mikey has chosen his path, yet he is troubled as he recalls Mikey’s joyful smile. Kazunori, who overheard Takemichi’s chat with Chifuyu, then informs Takemichi that he cannot accept Mikey’s decisions. Reflecting on his 10 years in detention,[1] Kazutora compares it to the story of Urashima Tar, who struggles to return to an alien environment; Mikey and Toman are gone, and the rest of his pals have gone their separate ways. Kazunori, on the other hand, is convinced that Mikey has not changed; because Mikey hides his feelings and vulnerabilities, he worries that the life Mikey is presently living is not one he chose. Kazunori offers to assist Takemichi in finding Mikey, giving him optimism that he can assist Mikey even without time-traveling.img Months later, on June 19, 2015, Akkun cuts Takemichi’s hair while Takemichi laments his inability to find Mikey. Akkun tells Takemichi not to worry, saying that while their friends are hunting for information on Bonten, it is difficult to come by because Boten is such a deadly group. Nakamichi advises Akkun to cease hunting for their friends, which surprises Akkun, who wonders whether Takemichi is given up. Nakamichi swears he will locate Mikey no matter how long it takes since he has learned that if he does not give up, he can do anything. Nakamichi receives a phone call from Hakkai, who has returned to Japan. He proposes that they open the time capsule.img

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