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Goodbye cruel world! Healer girl episode 11 season 1: check out the most-loved anime now!!

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Healer girl is a Japanese manga series, moreover a television anime Manga series. The series is written by the writer Noboru Kimura and is directed by the director Yasuhiro Irie. It is one of the most recent Japanese manga series as it premiered in April 2022. The characters in the story include Kana Fujii who is a learner of becoming a healer she decides to be the one when a healer itself helped her once when she got an asthma attack, Hibiki Morishima, is also one of the learners as Kana and is related to Karasuma, Reimi Itsushiro is also one of the learners as Kana and Hibiki and has made Karasuma her idol, Ria Karasuma, who is the teacher of Kana, Hibiki, and Reimi and is also a known healer and has her clinic.


Kana who’s an apprentice of Karasuma wanted to become a healer after she was helped by a healer itself when she suffered an asthma attack. Kana is a talented singer but most of the time finds it difficult in technicalities and its knowledge.


The last episode was titled Holloween Masquerade Butterfly which was recently released on 6th June. The lead role in the episode was given to Hibiki and events revolve around her. We got to know about her past life as the episode started. We came to know that she has really low confidence in herself. She compared herself with Karasuma as she was fascinated by her healing techniques and felt that she wouldn’t ever be able to do the things as she does them. But at the end of the episode, we see that her caretakers motivate her. As the title was focusing on Halloween we also saw the sequel of the preparations for the Halloween party. All the girls were excited about the party and were singing and dancing. A concert was also organized for the Halloween celebration and Hibiki volunteered it bravely.

When the concert ended we saw Karasuma protecting the butterflies that entered their cacoons. This doesn’t mean the butterflies she just phrased it for the girls. The episode then ends with the girls singing their hearts out and then Karasuma asks them to give their C rank exams and the episode ends.



In the series “Healer Girl” we have our five girls characters who are the students learning the healing techniques. Even in the next episode, episode 11 we have them as our main characters. Let’s just get some further details about our characters in this episode. Our first character is Kana Fujii we all know that she wanted to be a healer after the asthma attack she had once but what we are not aware of is the fact that she is also an excellent singer. Next, we have Hibiki Morishima, we know the fact that she was related to the teacher Karasuma but we didn’t know that Karasuma was a family friend of Hibiki. Hibiki has loved music since she was a child. Sonia Yanagi is also now one of the members to be added in episode 11. And next, we have our Reimi Itsushiro, we came to know about her that her interest in music was because her parents are singers too.


Do not worry it is no longer time that you have to wait for episode 11 to come. It is going to be launched on 13th June. And all for your kind information, the episodes of the series “Healer Girl” launch every Monday. And you can watch them on any official website of the Manga series.

Episode 11

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