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Kaguya-sama: Love is War chapter 266-Will Ishigami end up with her?

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Kaguya Sama: Love is war is one of the romantic Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Aka Akasaka. It was serialized in the Shueisha’s Seinen manga magazine in the year 2015. The characters in the story include Kaguya Shinomiya a beautiful girl with intelligence and wealth. Miyuki Shirogane, is famous for being the topper of the school and also is the president of Shuchiin Academy. Chika Fujiwara a girl with a fair complexion, is also a secretary of the student council in the Shuchiin Academy. Yu Ishigami is a classmate of the other students in the story and has dark hair. Ai Hayasaka is the personal assistant of Kaguya Shinomiya.


Kaguya same: Love is War is a romantic anime that follows a story of school romance. The story revolves around two brilliant students of the school Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya. Other students in the school ship them and want them to be coupled. But they both don’t express and admit feelings for one another while others find them to be perfect for each other. So they both now play mind games with one another to make one confess their feelings.


In the previous chapter, we saw Miyuki having a conversation with Ishigami. Miyuki tells everyone that Ishigami will handle students better than him. After a while, Kaguya enters the conversation between Miyuki and Ishigami but Kaguya hates the fact that Ishigami was there. Kaguya wanted to spend time with Miyuki for the last time as a couple. By the end of the chapter, we saw Kaguya wait and wait and wait for her turn to come to meet Shirogane. The chapter then ends when Shirogane’s friends arrive and ask for a farewell party.



The next episode is again going to bring the love in the air back to us. This anime is fast as it releases its new chapters without making the fans wait for long and the episodes of the chapter are also published each week. This is said to be the final chapter of the whole series and is going to be full of romance angles as Miyuki is heading towards Standford. Also, we will see Miyuki for the last time and will say goodbye to him. Miyuki is leaving for Standford University because he wants to have a bright future and is running and working to have his dreams come true. Now Miko and Ishigami are going to be in charge of handling the council of students. The next chapter is going to be titled “Shirogane’s Departure” which is obvious as we have been talking about him leaving since the start of the information. We also see that Kaguya did not get the chance to have alone time with Miyuki and tell him that she is going to miss him. On the other hand, since we saw the council of students was now going to be handled by Miko and Ishigami, they were worried about how they were going to handle things.

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