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Love all play episode 11: Are you ready for the next episode of this amazing series !!

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Love All Play is a very recent South Korean series television. The series is of the sports romance genre. It was streaming on Disney+ and premiered in April 2022. The characters in the series include Park Ju Hyun who’s a badminton player and loves sports. Chae Jong-hyssop has badminton as his professional option. Park Ji-Hyun who’s a gold medalist in the Olympics. Lee Yoo-min, overlapping queen of jinxes.

The story is about sports romance and about the affection and passion of the female and male in the story who have their badminton teams. Even the team members fall in love with each other. We are going to see a competition with a love factor.


In the previous episode of Love All Play we saw Tae yang become underconfident and started self-doubting herself again as she was doing it three years ago. We see that Jun- young’s arrival has made most of them uncomfortable as Tae jun was exhausted too when Tae Yang came to him to comfort her. By the end of the episode, we see Tae yang’s teammates go searching for her in the neighborhood but were unable to find her. Tae yang went to see her mother but still didn’t say a word to her. Her mother now had another daughter so she rarely met Tae yang. Tae Yang then goes to Tae Jun’s house and they sleep together. Tae yang was grateful to him for loving her.



The next episode, episode 11 of Love All Play will explain the importance of love and trust. We see Tae-jun getting emotional after her mother came to him when she got in a fight with Tae-jun’s sister. He was also happy to meet him. We also see that the conversation between Jun young and Jung-hwan about Jun young’s accident gets leaked on the internet. Due to this the sympathy Jun young gained in the training when he got hurt faded away. The video that was leaked tells that she was hurt because she was drunk and not when she was training. Jun young thinks that she was back in a phase of miserable life she was three years ago

. Meanwhile, we see Tae yang had a fight with Coach Joo and was not going to the training center. Tae Yang’s father gets worried about her and goes to see Coach Joo. On meeting Coach Joo he came to know that Coach Joo put Tae Yang in excessive training and Tae Yang’s father blames himself that he did not raise Tae Yang in the right way. On the other hand, the seniors of Tae jun wanted him to come back to the training but he rejected them.

Episode 11

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