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Seraph of the End chapter 116: the manga is returning back with much needed drama

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Owari no Seraph commonly known as Seraph of the End is not a usual Japanese manga series as it has a dark fantasy genre. It is written by the writer Takaya Kagami. It was published in Shueisha’s Jump SQ in 2012. The characters in the series include Yuichiro Hyakuya, a sixteen-year-old boy who is the main character in the story. Next we have Mikaela Hyakuya , who is Yuichiro Hyakuya’s best friend . Shinoa Hiragi is our main heroine of the series. Yoichi Saotome is a kind and generous boy and also a true and real friend of Yuichiro Hyakuya. And next is the Ferid Bathory a vampire who killed the family of Yuichiro Hyakuya. Our last main character of the series is the queen of vampire Krul Tepes.


The series is about the vampires who emerged when the man-made virus spread in 2012 globally although it didn’t affect the children who were under thirteen. Although the existence of vampires was considered a myth and no one believed the story about them. When Yuichiro was twelve years old, he, his friend Mikaela and children from the Hyakuya orphanage were preparing to escape the vampire city. Although they were unable to do so, they were all killed but only Yuichiro survived as Mikaela sacrificed himself to save him. Yuichiro’s family was also killed by the vampire. For his loss, he wanted to take revenge on the vampires and after four years of the tragedy, he decided to dedicate his whole life now for revenge. After a while, in the story, a twist reveals that Mikaela wasn’t dead and now was in search of Yuichiro.



We saw in the previous chapter that Saito was talking about bringing his son back from heaven to Shikama Doji. The story then tells us about the failure of the vampires in doing the same task. Also, since Mika came to the orphanage Saito believed that Mikaela had the vessel that Shikama wanted. So to stop the rising of Mikaela from the dead, Saito was willing to do anything he was said to do. Saito was also worried about the things that were going on in the world. By the end of the episode, we see Mikaela having a difficult choice to make either he is giving up his life and other families will be resurrected or he is going to be the one who will raise from the dead.

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The release of the new chapters of this manga series “Seraph of the End” is almost in the first week of every month. Although there is no longer a wait for chapter 116 to be released. It has now been decided that it can be released in July 2022. You can watch any of the series chapters and also the latest chapter on any official website of the manga series.

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