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SSS Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 77: Leaks and Spoilers, check out now!!

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SSS Class Suicide Hunter is a Japanese manga series that is also a light novel. It is written by the writer Shin Noah. It belongs to the comedy, action, and adventure genres. The main characters of the story are Kim Gongja, he is a guy full of jealousy against successful people and has pride. Raviel Ivansi is the main female character of the story, she has silver hair and red eyes. Black Witch is the leader of the guild the Black Dragon Guild and is a Rank-2 Hunter. Seo Baek Hyang is one of the main characters in the story she has a very fair complexion and is a heavenly demon.


The sequel of the story is Raviel because her ex skills have the same timeline as our main character Gongja. This means that she will also return one day before the day when Gongja dies. But this skill is only used when she kills Gongja continuously to make Gongja see her trauma if he wants to resurrect himself. Ravel also dissolved her engagement with the Crown prince and married Gongja and gained Duke rank. They were married on the twenty-fifth floor. Kim Gongja came to Raviel to know love and she taught him when he asked her. And this was how in the first chapter we see Kim Gongja falling in love with Raviel. Although at the end of the story she didn’t receive the prince’s love. She also stabbed her own heart out of losing hope. And that was how she became the half constellation. From that day she used to repeat the same ten days again and again. When Kim Gongja entered the apocalyptic world Raviel was already resurrected fourteen times. Though Kim Gongja loved her insanely she didn’t accept it but falls from resurrecting together many times.



In the previous chapter, we saw Baek Hyang discussing how she was connected to the heavenly demon and was talking about it. Baek states the fact that even if there was no one to help the people in need there is a stage that isn’t visible to humans, where the heavenly demon helps the people in need. Then a guy comes to her and asks her to help him out as the people around him were suffering because of drought. He has a weak body and was unable to make a dam for his people. He wanted her to teach him and train him. The arc then shifts to the present scene and here we see Baek Hyang hugging Gongja unintentionally and then being unable to move. Baek Hyang asks Gongja why she is unable to move but he didn’t answer and wanted to fight verbally without swords or skills in action. She was convinced of it at the end and had a trial fight with Jiangshi and she performed well.



SSS Class Suicide Hunter’s won’t keep you waiting for the next chapter and will release on 16th June 2022. It will reveal who Gongja is and we will see the reaction of Baek Hyang when she comes to know about him.

Chapter 77

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