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Birdie Wing Episode 10: [leaked] check out the latest episode now

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Birdie Wing is a Golf Girls Japanese manga anime television series that is produced by Bandai Namco Pictures and is directed by the director Takayuki Inagaki. This is a very recent series that started premiering in April 2022. The characters in the story include Eve, a girl who plays underground golf games and has it as her career. Aoi Amawashi who is the daughter of the CEO of Tenwa Groups is also a brilliant golf player. Amane Shinjo is their best friend of Aoi and is very intelligent. She has a vast variety of knowledge in every sector. Lily Lipman is a friend of Eve. Reiya Amura who’s an advisor of the Raiho Girls Academy. Leo Millafoden who’s Eve’s golf trainer.


The story revolves around two passionate golf lovers and the main characters of the story Eve and Aoi. Even after having the same goal and hobby and being a brilliant golf player, they do not share any habits in common. But they both being opposite to each other makes the series fun for the fans to watch. The story then gives the introduction about Eve who is an excellent golf player, she makes money out of it too either by winning the matches or by betting on the golf games. She was well known and stated as ” Rainbow Bullet”. She was so talented that she was then known to use only three golf clubs against her opponent in a match. But things changed for Eve when she met Aoi Amawashi our second main character of the series, she was just as brilliant as Eve was. She was the best opponent for Eve. Aoi was born and brought up differently than Eve as she was only allowed to play golf as a hobby but not as a career option. Aoi was trained well in the sport and she defeated Eve. Eve was then brought back to the ground to be trained again but she didn’t lose hope and was determined to get back to the top.



The previous episode, episode 9 “China Saotome wants to be a pro Caddy” revolved around the character Ichina Saotome and the story about her past and for what reasons she wanted to be an excellent golf player. So this implies adding another character in the story who is an excellent golf player. But she is a lot different from our two main characters of the series Eve and Aoi. It is so because she does not want to be a golf player but wants to be Caddy instead. Caddy is someone who helps the golf players in choosing the clubs. By the end of the episode, we saw that Eve and Aoi met again and decided to do as they promised each other.



The title of the tenth episode is yet not revealed but we know that now we are going to see Eve vs Aoi Round 2 . We also see Eve and Aoi sharing things. Eve will share all the housing problems she has with Aoi. She is also going to tell Aoi that she is now going to work with Vipere. We know already that Aoi has the capability and time to put Eve’s problem to an end. So we will see Aoi offering Eve to help her with her problems. To not make it a favor otoEve, Aoi wants her to play a golf match with her and if she wins she will get money.

Episode 10

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