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Blue Exorcist chapter 133: [Leaked], storyline, plot and upcoming story

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Blue Exorcist is a Japanese anime manga series produced by A1 pictures and directed by the director Tensai Okamura. It started broadcasting on television in April 2011 but then had its break in October 2011 due to an earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku. The main characters of the story are Rin Okumura a 16-year-old boy who has Satan’s powers. Rin’s power was sealed by Kurikara at the time of his birth. Yukio Okumura is the twin brother of Rin Okumura . Yukio did not have Satan’s power as he was weak physically and thus was total human. Shiemi Moriyama is a girl of the owner of the Exorcist shop. Ryuji Suguro is a boy who wanted to defeat Satan and regain his powers by building his destroyed temple. He is a hard-working but hot-tempered boy. Renzo Shima is a frightened character in the story but is also carefree. He is known to be obsessed with women.


Blue Exorcists have two dimensions, the mirror, and its reflection. In the mirror world, there is the existence of humans and in the reflection world, there is the existence of demons. Although there is no contact between the two worlds still if a demon had the possession of a human so it can pass through the reflection world and enter the mirror world. Meanwhile, there are the people known as the Exorcist who teaches people of the mirror world to fight the demons and how to destroy them.


The story is about two twin brothers Rin Okumura and his younger brother Yukio Okumura. They both were raised by their father Shiro Fujimoto who was an Exorcist. But eventually, in the story, Rin gets to know that they were the sons of Satan. Then in the story, we see Shiro dying to protect Rin, so Rin draws the sword of Kurikara and restrains all his demon powers. After this incident, Rin gained features of demons like fangs and tails. The story is then about the journey of Rin to become an Exorcist.



In the last chapter, we saw Blue Exorcist deal with the due battle between Shiemi and Amaimon. We saw that our lady warrior finally got a chance to prove her physical skills and abilities. Shemihaza’s control was currently in the hands of Satan. Meanwhile, we saw Karigakure and his grandmothers leave each other before they were on their way to take down the ruler. We also got to know that Amaimon was not a human. Shiemi then offers to be the assistant of the lost king of Earth. Amaimon was then asked to surrender his actual structure at present. The actual battle between the two leads has not yet broken out.

Chapter 132


We all know the fact that the series was at a halt but now it is going to rerelease its new chapters soon, though it was said to be released in April it was not so, there is no such update that tells about its release and the timings of its release. But we do know the fact that it will be soon.

Chapter 133

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