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Demon Girl Next Door season 2 episode 8 : Spoilers and Updates

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The Demon Girl Next Door is a Japanese four-panel manga series. It has been serialized in Houbunsha’s Seinen Manga magazine since 2014. The characters in the story are, Yuko Yoshida a high school girl who one day finds herself as a demon but physically weak. Momo Chiyoda is the weakest among all the magical girls who attend Yuko’s high school. Lilith is Yuko’s ancestor who appears in Yuko’s dreams. Anri Sata who’s a classmate as well as Yuko’s friend. Ryoko Yoshida, younger sister of Yuko. Joshua, father of Yuko and Ryoko.


The story is about a high school girl, Yuko Yoshida who wakes up one day and finds herself as a demon with horns and a tail. She learns that she was cursed as she was a descendant of a dark clan who was cursed by a light clan. To gain back the honor of her clan she has to defeat a local magical girl, Momo Chiyodo and put her blood in the Demon God statue. But Yuko finds out that magic girl Momo Chiyodo is her classmate from high school and stronger than her. Pitying her, a magical girl saved Yuko from getting smashed by a truck and helped Yuko unlock her inoperative powers. Now Yuko has to train herself to fight Momo, defeat her, and set her family free from the curse of poverty.



The previous episode of Demon Girl Next Door that was titled “A short break! The Demonic Festival”. The sequel of the episode was all about the summer festival. Anri, Yuko, and all of the people wanted a break from the errands they were doing for a few days and decided to take a break and rest. So this led them to plan to go to the summer festival. Yuko goes to the festival alone. But as soon as the time passed, she thought it to be a bad idea to come along to a place like a summer festival where everyone enjoys together. After some time she watches Momo and Milan playing games in the stalls and she joins their company. In the last arc, we saw Yuko telling Momo that she should focus on her Summer homework as well. At last, Yuko finds out that even she has a lot of homework to be done.



The next episode, episode 8 of The Demon Girl Next Door is to be titled “Sparks Fly! Light and dark go on a Joint Excursion!” The episode starts with the same arc as that ended in the last episode. We saw that all thought to have a break and went to the summer festival. At the start of the episode, we are going to see more of the scenes from the summer festival and Yuko and their friends enjoying themselves there. Yuko and friends are again going to visit stalls to stalls to play games and win prizes. And later on, there will be the finale for the summer festival. Since anime festivals usually end with fireworks at the Last. So here too we are going to see the fireworks at the finale of the summer festival. Yuko and the group will go to a good location on the grounds to enjoy the fireworks.

Ep 8

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