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My Hero Academia chapter 354: chapters leaked online, check the twisted plot of next chapter here

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My Hero Academia is a superhero Japanese manga series which is written by the writer Kohei Horikoshi. It was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2014. The characters of the story are Izuku Midoriya who is the main character of the series and a shy selfless teenager. Katsuki Bakugo who was a friend of Izuku and his classmate in class 1st. Ochaco Uraraka who’s a kind-hearted girl and has the power to make anything weightless.



The story revolves around our main character of the story, “Izuku Midoriya” who wanted to become a hero. He was bullied by his friend Katsuki Bakugo in his childhood. They both idolize the greatest hero of the world, All Might. So then Izuku starts his journey of becoming a hero from the U. A High School. The story is set in a world where most humans want to become superheroes and want to gain abilities called Quirks. It usually occurs in children of age four and an estimate of 80% is said to have this ability within them. There are various categories of Quirks as one hero is not the same as the other unless the heroes are closely related. When a Quirk enhances in an individual, the individual is then stated as a Hero. The Heroes who get excellence in their abilities and duties are then considered celebrities and are called Pro Heroes.


In the previous episode of My hero Academia we didn’t get to see much of the story. The chapter started with the arc in which Dabi gets defeated. The villains in the story suffer a great loss by losing Dabi. All Might wants and has an urge to spread the defeat of Dabi in every battleground. As expected the news spread like fire, really quick. And villains started losing hope. But some also didn’t concern a lot about the news. And then it was overheard that a villain said, Jaku ruins hospital will go in vain, just like a former teacher of U.A. high school. Then after we saw that Ashido and Red Riot were prepared to fight him, which wasn’t thought by the villains. And also the victory of Todoroki became a motivation for students of class 1A who wanted to be a part of the fight.



In the next chapter of My Hero Academia we will see that some of the heroes get worried due to the escape from Tartarus but also make them grateful. One of them will be Kunieda N Ghastly. We also see that villains will now be set to be engaged on a battlefield. And we will see Ayama and Fat-Gum heroes see Kunieda giving himself a presentation. There has always been a fight between the All Might and All for one but no one else with All for One. So maybe in this chapter, we will see our heroes fighting the villain All for One, and also information about Deku and Shigaraki will be revealed.

Chapter 354

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