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RWBY Ice Queendom: Release date, Casts and Updates !! twist in plot that nobody expected

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RWBY  is created by the North American Company “Rooster Teeth” and is one of the most unique manga series. It has been really popular and successful. The newest quarter is going to be launched by this summer and is likely to be called Ice Queendom. The characters in the story are, Ruby Rose who’s the leader of the RWBY team, and our first character that was introduced in the series. Yang, who’s the half-sister of Ruby Rose and one of the members of the RWBY team. Weiss Schnee is the second and one of the main characters introduced in the story. The leader of the JNPR team, Jaune Arc. Pyrrha Nikos who’s a student of Beacon Academy and one of the members of the JNPR team.


The story is about a world that consists of Humans, Remnants and Faunus( who are human and animal hybrids), and a monster Grimm. And the hunters and huntresses fight Grimm with all their physical powers and abilities derived from their souls. So the Remnants have four Kingdoms that are made for students to properly enhance their abilities so that they become powerful hunters or huntresses. RWBY stands for our character’s name and a group that is formed from the Beacon Academy in the Kingdom of Vale.  The R stands for Ruby Rose, W for Weiss Schnee, B for Blake Belladonna, and Y for Yang Xiao Long. All the characters belong to different races and backgrounds but when they unite, they make up marvelous energy that is appreciated by all including the headmaster of Beacon Academy, Ozpin. In every fight they have people become the key to opening the doors for new villains in the series.



The next chapter of RWBY is titled “Ice Queendom”. The story includes the world that consists of Remnants but not the humans this time. As humans and their civilization is rotted by the monster of the series, Grimm. The warriors in the story are going to be trained to protect humanity, hunters, and huntresses. The warriors include Ruby, Weiss,  Blake, and also Ruby’s stepsister. They all ought to become the most famous, powerful, and greatest Remnants of the world. The world of the Ice Queendom is not a hypothetical or a parallel universe but the events in the story are going to occur in the same universe. At the start of the few episodes of the series Ice Queendom, there is going to be a brief recap about V1 and V2. And then there will be a kick start to the new adventures in the series. Also, the characters that you saw before, are going to be the same in this chapter too. You will recognize a lot of them. Right now what is going to be the adventures and plot in this chapter isn’t clear. We didn’t see many of the spoilers posted about the events that are going to take place. So all you have to do now is wait with us to see the block-busting chapter Ice Queendom released.

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