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Skeleton Knight in Another World, episode 9: The corrupt Empire and the true Villan [leaked]

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Skeleton Knight in Another World is a light novel Japanese manga series. It is written by the writer Enki Hakari. It began to serialize in the year 2014 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website. It was then taken over by Overlap who then published its ten volumes in the year 2015. Its television series premiered in April 2022.


The story of the series revolves around the main character Arc. They are a gamer and one all of a sudden awake and in his avatar body of the game that he plays online. He used to use a special outfit of a skeleton in the games and finds himself the same as that he chooses in the game. He then decides not to give attention to unknown surroundings. He then starts walking and finds a group of bullies attacking and assaulting two women. He then jumps into the group to save the women. The first woman was a noblewoman Lauren and the other was her maid Rita. He walks them off to their home and Rita rewards him. The reward was a passport that will help him move around the city with no trouble. So this was the start of the adventures he will face while trying to return home.



In the previous episode of Skeleton Knight in Another World, we saw that Arc again met the ninja girl when they arrived on Rhoden Island. She tells herself to be of the Jinshin clan and her name is Chiyome. Chiyome questions Arc, why did he call her a Ninja girl when they met before? He replies that it is because of her outfit, the place where he lives, and the people who dressed like she was called ninjas. Chiyome had the same motive as Ariane. She wanted to find her beast people who were now slaves of the humans. Chiyome tells him that her name is a secret and only the people of her clan know about it and was given to her by the founder of the clan. Chiyome then asks him to help her so that she can free her people from humans. He denies Chiyome because he promised to help Ariane. But Ariane comes up and wants to work together and free their people together.



The title of the ninth episode of Skeleton Knight in Another World is going to be “The Capital in Chaos and a Maiden’s Oath”. We will see that the mess created will be undone by Arc and Goemon since they are polished fighters. They had an idea to take revenge against Dakares so they created a distraction in the main city so that Ariane and Chiyome can attack him.

Since Arc and Goemon are really good fighters so they need no help and will be doing it all by themselves. The twist in the story is that Dakares already knows that there is something that is going to be held against him. So we can see the fight between our heroes and Dakar. Also, we will know about Ariane’s plans in the middle of the episode. So this episode is going to be filled with Drama, Thriller, and Conspiracy.

Episode 9

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