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The God of High school chapter 547 : Release, Updates and Leaks

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The God of High school is not a Japanese manga series but a South Korean series. It is written by the writer Yongje Park and also illustrated by him. It was serialized on Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform in 2011. The characters in the story include Mori Jin who’s a 17-year-old martial artist from South Korea who also practices Taekwondo. Dewi Han is a hard-working young 17-year-old boy who’s also a martial artist. Mira Yoo is also 17 years old but is a swordswoman from South Korea. Ilpyo Park is an 18-year-old boy who participated in the God of High school tournament. Seungchul Baek is also one of the participants in the God of High school tournament. Manseok Gang is a 19-year-old boy and also one of the participants in the God of High school tournament.


The story starts with our main character Mori Jin being invited to a tournament to be held on The God of High school. The tournament was sponsored by Shady corporation and was bringing people from all over South Korea. The prize of the competition was to fulfill the winner’s wish. He meets many of his competitors in the tournament and each of them has their way of fighting. As the tournament starts all of them were assembled into a team. We will then see Daewi Han and Mira Yoo as a team in the tournament.



In the previous chapter, we saw Noa was on his way to the mandala ark and he reached and met Mubong. He was tired because of traveling to the mandala ark and was not able to fight against Mubong. However, he manages to fight against the enemies. Meanwhile, Mubong was shocked to see Noa reaching him as he never believed that Noa could stand against him. Mubong then attacks Noa but Noa stands still even after being injured which shocked everyone including Mubong. Mubong then attacked him, again and again, three times but Noa was able to resist it constantly. The secret behind him standing still again and again was his healing machine. Mubong comes up with another attack to now kill Noa all at once but Noa uses his attack on him.



In the next, we will see the operators fixing things the shield was creating trouble for them and they were not able to control the ark efficiently. The ships were coming near and they had to open the portal as soon as they could. To do it soon, they were trying to hack the system but failed. No one will see that they will go on the main route and operate the system from there and will be successful. Meanwhile, the battle between Noa and Mubong will continue and Noa’s fate will be decided. We will see that Noa somehow manages to injure Mubong and use his attack against him. Noa then finds that there is something fishy in the surroundings and he was right the ark was collapsing to save the kids Mubong and Noa came together as a team.

Chapter 547

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