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Tribe nine season 2: Spoilers, Release date and Updates

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Tribe Nine is a Japanese anime created by Kazutaka Kodaka, produced by Lantsi, JR East Marketing & Communications, Docomo Anime Store, Akatsuki, Shūhei Yamaguchi, and directed by Yuu Aoki. The anime version itself was animated by Studio LIDENFILMS and licensed by Funimation. Tribe Nine revolves around Extreme Baseball or XB. Just like baseball, XB also requires 2 teams consisting of multiple players. It is such an anime that comes with a total of 12 episodes of 23 minutes each. It is not very popular and also has a less score of around 6 stars. This anime premiered on January 10, 2022, and ended on March 28, 2022. The genre of this anime is Sports, Action, and Science fiction. Shun Kamiya, the protagonist is the most important character of this anime. Shun is one of the strongest members as well as the founder of the Minato Tribe. Apart from the protagonist Shun, the Minato Tribe features six other members, including Haru Shirogane, Taiga, Saori Arisugawa, Santarō Mita, Manami Daimon, and Kazuki Aoyama.


It is 20XX and in Neo Tokyo Country, the youth of the country form a few Tribes to search for a place to belong. But this XB isn’t your grandad’s game of wooden bats and leather gloves. Extreme baseball, or simply XB in short, the game played by the characters of the anime Tribe Nine is just a mode of gang warfare because it is a sport. In the anime, the conflicts between Tribes boost, and hence the government passes the Extreme Baseball (XB) Law so that these conflicts can only be resolved through Extreme Baseball. Players can hit, and throw the ball at each other also the radical sport garners. A boy named Haru Shirokane also called the bullied boy, who wishes to become stronger and Taiga, who came from across the sea, meets the strongest Extreme Baseball (XB) player and leader of the Minato Tribe, the protagonist, Shun Kamiya. He will lead them against a man who focuses on or aims to control all the tribes.


The episode begins and we have a scene where a gang of culprits is overpowering Haru Shirokane and Taiga. Shun Kamiya arrives at the right time and saves Haru and Taiga from that gang. Here, we get to know that Shun Kamiya our protagonist is the strongest Extreme Baseball (XB) player and the leader of the Minato Tribe. Kamiya found Haru as a boring person, but despite that, he invites him to his Extreme Baseball team, and Taiga joins it too.


Official spoilers for Tribe Nine Season 2 aren’t out yet. But we can say that the tribes Minato’s and the Ota’s will continue their match further. Also, Sonoda will probably come up with some other plot to derail the game. Fans will be eagerly looking forward to Tenshin Otori’s actions. We may also get a brief look into Aoyama and Ojiro’s competitiveness.
We can watch episodes of Tribe Nine from Tokyo MX. There are other websites too but they’re not available in other counties for free. There are flashbacks, XB fights, character growth, and separations. It’s all a lot, and it’s not necessarily well-structured.

Season 2

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