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Hunter x Hunter-Is there a season 7? fans are going crazy for the release of next season

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Hunter x Hunter is a television anime series that started in the year 2011 and ended in 2014. it was originally a manga by Yoshihiro Togashi. it is a type of mysterious series while we begin the chapter. the story is about a young boy, gon free who lost his father. but one day he came to know that his father is alive well and good. he comes to know that his father, ging is a legendary hunter, not the hunter you are thinking of. hunter means a person who is an elite member of humanity. gon also wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a hunter. so he gives the hunter examination and passes it.


A hunter travels all around the world doing various dangerous activities. The tasks done by the hunters range from finding a criminal to even searching for hidden treasures. Gon is a young boy whose father was a hunter and then someday disappeared suddenly. He also wanted to follow his father’s path so that he could meet him again someday. When Gon was 12 he left his home and started to become a hunter by entering the Hunter Examination. He then makes friends out there in the hunter exam Kurapica, Leorio, and Killua. As their friendship grows they all come with many threats. And all of them chose the most dangerous career option. Father of Gon Freecss left him at a very early age and there are no such known reasons for it. When he was 12 years old he found out that his father is a hunter. So to be like him and reunite with him one day he goes through many threats and adventures.



Though there isn’t a release date for now of Hunter x Hunter season 7. But it is officially confirmed by the productions. It was released in the 90s and is one of the most iconic series. Hunter x Hunter’s fans have been asking and wanting for a season 7 since the day it ended. Hunter x Hunter also has its relationship with One Piece. Although there is a hype for season 7 of Hunter x Hunter it is not coming soon. “Madhouse” the production company that tells us about the release of the anime series has yet to be announced for season 7 of Hunter x Hunter. So Hunter x Hunter has had no updates since 2014.

Season 7


The reason behind not getting any updates about season 7 of Hunter x Hunter is that Yoshihiro Togashi is suffering from debilitating chronic health conditions. So the huge delay between the chapters is because he needs some time to recover. As a person’s health is more important than work. So we all have to wait for season 7.

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