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Kingdom Chapter 723: upcoming twist that will leave you stunned [leaked pages]

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For its storyline, portrayal, and plot twists, the Kingdom manga series, is garnering all the laud and readership. The chapter 723 release of The Kingdom is certainly going to be one of the best releases of this week. One of the prime reasons for the explosion of the text is that the fourth season was a hit. Also, the current war arc of the story is being loved by the fans.

So, without delaying any further, below is everything that you need to know about this week’s kingdom release.

Kingdom Chapter 723: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming storyline will show what the next course of the war will be. Previously we had seen that the Archer brothers were planning to attack Commander Riboku directly. But everyone knew that this was a definite suicide mission, and winning would certainly not be an easy job for them.


Although the raw scans of the next chapter are yet to release in the public domain, the direct attack over Riboku by bypassing all the rest of the formations of the army was what we had seen. Hara, who was their master from the other side, was also training the kids to make him proud. The war for Zhao will be considered over if Commander Riboku gets assassinated.

But with Kingdom Chapter 723, where the Archer brothers are in for a suicide mission, a lot is at stake and would not fester if the plan goes wrong. Also, there are ten different ways by which the plan can go haywire. Thus, it will be interesting to see where the story will go this week.

Recap of Previous Chapter

Chapter 722 of Kingdom started with Shin hoping that Riboku was charged a direct attack by the Archer brothers. However, things did not go as the planning was done. On the other hand, the HSU was putting constant effort to secure the men on the right. With Shin as their commander, their side was marching stronger than everyone had expected. Riboku was observing all the events from the sidelines.


The chapter next focused on the escape of Gakuka and the HSU. The Archer brothers were finalizing their plan of attack for the night. But as things moved forward, they realized that things might not turn out as easy as they had expected them to be. The chapter ended with Hara motivating his students to perform their bits when the time of about to come.

Kingdom Chapter 723: Release Date

Fortunately, there won’t be any break in the release of Chapter 723 this week. Fans can get all the details of the ongoing war without much ado. But where the real question remains as to who will get the end land of victory, the answer to this lies in Kingdom Chapter 723. The chapter has already been released this week on June 12, 2022.


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